Friday, 19 August 2011

Part 2 ~ Last Day At My "Home Away From Home"

Here I am with more sleep under my belt then I have had in some time now.  I am sure I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at around 10:00 p.m, and I was pretty good right up until around 3 or 3:30 a.m..  I am thinking 5 to 5 1/2 hours sure beats the heck out of 2 hours sleep any given day !

Now I can only hope for the best that I don't repeat

Before it was time to go for the boy's baseball games, Tim, Bob and I sat down to our last supper, we were to have together this week, and that I had prepared for us.

"Quiche, spinach salad, sliced tomatoes and fried potatoes in onions.  Every morsel the three of us consumed was most certainly enjoyed."

There was enough leftovers from supper for their last night's supper, so I was told when Bob called me last night.  That was "awesome" to give Bob a break, as now he will have to start doing the cooking beginning today !!!  LOL, now I think of it, I have never had a meal prepared by Bob...oh just a minute, I think he made homemade Baked Beans once many, many moons ago that I did have !!!  The next time I go visit, I will have to request he "cook for me".

Leaving Tim behind at home, not without first making sure he was comfortable, he didn't need anything and there was a portable phone beside him, Bob and I headed out to Shakesphere to see the boys !!!

"This picture is exactly how we found Connor upon our arrival.  He actually took a moment to look up from his "business" to acknowledge Grandma and Uncle Bob were there, lol."

"I am beginning to think Connor will be in some kind of "gravel" or "rock" business when he grows up, as I don't think "professional baseball" is going to be his "thing"?"

"It took some convincing on the Coach's part, but they managed to get him up to "bat" where he really made a great hit !"

"Trying to convince him to run the bases was quite a different story, but his "hit" was bringing his team members into home plate."

"With a "little" more persuasion, his Coach managed to get him motivated to first base."

"Whoohoo, Connor; he did eventually make it to home base !!!  Nice "home run" hit !"

"Phew, that was a lot of Team effort, but we did it !"

Then over at Aiden's game........

"Practise is over, so now it's time to head over to the ball diamond for the "real" game."

"Then he spots "Grandma"....oh Grandma, put that camera way.  LOL."

"Not in front of my "team members" !"

"Some serious "muscle" flexing going on out on that field by the looks of it."

"By the looks of these "let's get on with it" faces, there is a little lesson in patience going on here."

"Finally some action !"

"Here is Paul & Uncle Bob.  It sure doesn't seem that long ago that Uncle Bob was taking him to his baseball games for me until I was able to arrive after work!"

Phew, that was another full day put in on my last one at my "Home Away From Home".

Once Bob and I got home we brought Tim up to speed on the events of the evening before we all headed off our separate ways to bed, as the very next morning I was taking my leave to come back home...but that is another story that can keep until tomorrow. 

In the meantime though, the Wiarton Airport weatherman has to say:


Sunny. High 27. UV index 7 or high.


Clear. Low 17.

Another beautiful summer day ahead of me !

Here I sit back in my old comfort zone of familiar routine, Rob snoring in our bed, Bandit and Lexus wanting out and a Doctor's appointment first thing this morning for that "allergy shot", "Just North of the Checkerboard".

So, once again, here I go off and running "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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