Monday, 8 August 2011

Another Fantastic Annual "Masterson Reunion" !

Here it is already 7:43 a.m. Monday morning ! ....and I am just sitting down to do today's "blog" now !!!  LOL, what is wrong with me????

Well it might have been the not getting up until 6:30 a.m. for a change, or the returning three emails first, or the time it took to upload pictures to my blog, or taking Missy Lexus and Bandit out for their morning jaunt, or that phone call I had with my son, Paul, already this morning....ummm, wonder why I haven't got today's blog done by now???  LOL

 I, for one, had the most fantastic time spending time with my immediate family, Aunts, Uncles and all my cousins yesterday !  There wasn't enough time to even spend much time, if any with some.

Despite the torrents of rain, which cleared up by the time everyone was ready to leave for home, I think a good time was had by most of everyone in attendance, or I hope it was.

"It all began with the loading of the "food & chairs" into the trailer".

"To the arrival at Southampton's "Long Dock" with it's overcast dark skies".

 "And so begins yet another "Masterson Family Reunion" !"

"A few have already arrived and set up the tables just before our arrival.  Hopefully Rob was thanking Auntie Gladys for sending Chinese Food home for him the night before.  I am sure he is, as he does depend on her "Carrot Cake", so he is smart enough to stay in her good books."

"Slowly but surely more start trickling in."

"Finally my sister, Donna, and her husband, Wayne, arrive from Kitchener."

"Here comes my cousin, Cindy, her husband, John, and their daughter, Lisa, just in from London, with Uncle Basil just having greeted them."

"This is my cousin, Bill Masterson, his family used to live just up the street from mine.  I just love seeing Bill every year, even though he only just lives in Owen Sound this is the only time we do get to see each other.  Good thing we have a family reunion every year !"

"There is my son, Paul, finally arrived with his sons, Aiden & Connor, with only Aiden in this picture, obviously asking about or for something, as children usually do."

"Just before we eat, Uncle Reg, alongside Aunt Gerry in this photo, requesting each Masterson family member introduce their familys.  Nice touch, Uncle Reg & Aunt Gerry."

"Here is Cousin Suzanne arriving with one of her granddaughters.  They were just coming in from Cambridge, and unfortunately didn't escape the downpour."

"Oh here is Poppa Rob encouraging Connor, I am sure, to open his mouth a "little wider" for that chocolate cupcake to go in more."

"With a little direction I am sure from his father, he is making his move on Grandma."

"....and he "zeros" in, and this is when I get the "big" chocolate cupcake "kiss"! "

"The rain certainly put a damper on the games, but since there were water balloons filled, what was a little more water???? "

"...and of course the "Pinata" is always, literally, a big hit every year."

"I think Connor was enjoying the remains of the "Pinata" more then the candy that was inside by the looks of it."

"Here is Cousin Paula, along with her daughter, Erin, who came to the reunion for her very firt time.  I sure hope she enjoyed herself and comes back in future years to come?"

"This is my niece, Stacey's husband, Jay, and their son, Logan, who does not want to give up that bat.  No worries, Cousin Vi managed to make at trade off with a bag of  Way to go with the bribing Vi, I know it was from past experiences !"

"My niece, Stacey, my sister, Donna, and of course, here I am."

"Things have started winding down, but Rob and Donna's husband, Wayne, are doing some catching up since they haven't seen each other for some time."

"....and my brother, Allan, and Cousin Vi's husband, Ross, obviously catching up too."

"Here is my son, Paul, again with his usual "Oh Mom, give it up" look all over his"

"For the "grand final" here is my family that was in attendance this year, such as we are!"

My grandparents, Wesley and Alma (Koenig), had nine surviving children, and those children had all us children, and now our children are having children.....I couldn't imagine not being from a "big" family, as I really love my family and our get togethers.  Special thanks always goes to my Auntie Gladys and Auntie Gerry, and my Uncles Basil and Reg, as they are still the glue that holds the pot together, and I really want everyone to know how much they are all appreciated !

There I did it, and as the old saying goes, "better late then never", but then my blog is for my own enjoyment, so I suppose I can be as leisurely as I decide to be some, as there are those mornings !!!!

Oops, let see what that Old Wiarton Airport Weatherman has to say today?


A mix of sun and cloud. High 26. UV index 9 or very high.


Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers. Low 18.

Of course there would be no rain in today's forecast, the Reunion was yesterday!!!  Darn Old Weatherman !  LOL

*Sigh* I think I am well deserving of that second cup of Java this morning, so I think I will take myself right out into my kitchen and have one, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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