Monday, 4 July 2011

Spirit Rock and Tree Frogs

What a fantastic Canada Weekend I had; great company and great weather!  Busy before, busy after and relaxed inbetween.

After we returned home from all that Garage Sailing we did on Saturday, Rob, Russ and Joanne sat out on the deck whilst I took myself in to put together for us a lunch of Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Quiche and Caesar Salad.
Rob had taken the picture of the Tree Frog I had posted yesterday, and Russ had also taken a couple pictures himself.....with a few minor adjustments, he had his own modeling Tree Frog.

"Just hanging out on this Jade Plant for a wee rest."

"Here's looking at you buddy....."

I was totally amazed that this little Tree Frog had long hairs growing from out of his body; what's up with that, or should I even dare myself to imagine?  LOL.  He had fallen from our deck's awning, so his colour was still orange from blending in with the awning, so he hadn't yet changed his colour yet in these pictures to change to his surroundings.

"The Fuchsia hanging basket off a Maple tree beside our deck.  Two buds just starting to peek open."

After lunch, we did our downtown Wiarton tour of the shops, up one side of the street and down the other, then onto the Spirit Rock Conservation Area which was on our way home.

"Ruins of "The Corran", which I would have loved to see in it's day with the extensive gardens and amazing varities of Rose Bushes."

This article on "The Lady of the Corran" is well worth the read, if you are to come just a little North of Wiarton and South of the Checkerboard to see these ruins.

"I had a little fun capturing Joanne and Russ having some fun in a window sill."

"Here is a couple of fine looking ladies visiting "The Corran",  perturbed at getting their pictures taken, lol."

"This is a picture from the Spirit Rock outlook, looking over Colpoy's Bay, off the trail just a very short hike from "The Corran"."

Joanne, Russ and I had an awesome time being out and about together.  It was really too bad Rob had to work, however he really isn`t into to trail walking too much so it worked out alright for everyone.

Oh yes, and Sunday morning before Joanne, Russ and Pixi took their leave, we enjoyed our brunch of crisply fried bacon served alongside Joanne`s recipe of Overnight Baked French Toast....

"Man oh man, was this ever delish !"

We were stuffed after our Brunch that was one thing for certain, and here is Pixi patiently waiting to go back home.

"Please people can you get your act together so we can get going now?"

"....and finally goodbyes are said, and down the road they go."

"Finally!!!  We are on our way home!"

Ha, ha,ha, really I am sure Pixi was happy to get home, as she is such a City Gal, and I am really not too sure if Country life was appealing at all to her.

*Sigh*  Now it is, once again, back to reality for me here......checking out what the Wiarton Airport weather guy has to say about my day ahead.......


Sunny. High 23. UV index 9 or very high.


Clear. Low 13.

Wonderful !!!  Not that I will be out enjoying it much as there is tons of stuff for me to get caught up on, and then again the lawn does need cut, and that would keep me outside enjoying the sunshine for at least a couple of hours.......

*Sigh*  My mind and body are just an older version of the Engergizer Bunny, I just keep going, and going, and going, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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