Friday, 15 July 2011

Some People Have All The "Luck" And Then There Are Just Some People !

Wow I am so glad I got my floors washed and bedding changed on Wednesday, as there certainly wouldn't have been time for any of it to be done yesterday.  What a busy day it was from Auntie Gladys arriving, to lunching with Cousin Paula, to attending "Cruise" night in my Hometown of Southampton.

We met Paula in Lion's Head, as it is halfway from our place and their cottage in Dyer's Bay. 

"Marydale's Restaurant is a quaint little restaurant located right in the hub of Lion's Head."

Should a road trip take anyone up the Lion's Head way, Marydale's Restaurant is the perfect place to stop into for a meal or maybe just a beverage along with one of their homemade desserts.  It was a good thing we had made reservations for lunch, as it got filled up pretty quickly at this time of day.  All three of us enjoyed the lunch choices we had made.

"I certainly don't know why I was being so silly in this picture Aunt Gladys took of Cousin Paula and myself.... it looks like I was ready to burst out laughing !"

"I  had to take a picture of Paula and the Auntie before we took leave of Paula to all head back home.  I just noticed how their attire is quite colour coordinated.....very nice ladies."

The three of us enjoyed our luncheon together.  I am sure by the time we got up from the lunch table at 2:00 p.m., the waitress was probably most relieved we didn't stay more then the two hours we had already been there.....LOL.

I arrived back home where Aunt Gladys then took her leave as well to head back down to Port Elgin.  I told her we were heading down to Southampton's Cruise night, and maybe her and Uncle would enjoy going over to it themselves for a night out together.

After a couple of hours of rest I started to get ready for us to go meet up at Tim Horton's downtown Wiarton, with the guys, Walter, Lyle and Neil, so we could all head out to Southampton together on our bikes.

"Ha, ha, ha....and here was Herman just pulled in, not realizing I was behind him with my camera."

"Another one of my favorite locals was there too.....and here's "Ralphy" !!!"

"There were lots of really cool vehicles lined up along the street down at Southampton's Cenotaph.  Check out this "Jag" that is all original with only 36,000 k's on it."

"I am thinking this vehicle is from Lyle's era, as he seemed pretty intense on checking it out....."

"This Ford T-Bucket is pretty "souped" up, owned by a Southampton local, Bob Thorne."

"Okay, I know it is old, but not sure what make and model it is."

".....and for my favorite pick of the night ..... isn't it "pretty"?"

"It doesn't matter what age they are....boys will be boys.... !"

"As I said, "age is no factor...when it comes to boys and their toys, only the price tag."

When we were getting ready to leave, this little guy was just in "awe" of the motorcycles, so Neil was so kind to let him have a "try out" on his Honda Shadow.  He was totally "delighted".

The five us us headed out on our way back home before it got dark.  We managed to stop at Tim Horton's in Hepworth for a coffee before we got back to Wiarton though.

Once we arrived home there there a phone message from my Uncle Basil to call Port Elgin.  Uncle Basil and Aunt Gladys did decide to and were at the Cruise night, as we ran into them just before we had left to come back home.  If I remember correctly Uncle Basil really didn't seem to be all that impressed on being

"Here is my Uncle Basil, who professes to be the smartest man in Port Elgin."

Well let me tell the World, I returned his message to find out the "smartest man" in Port Elgin had won the Hospital's 50-50 draw for a total winning of $850.00 big ones!!!!  I think he was feeling pretty "smart" after winning all that moolah !!!  LOL, my "Smart A....dbl. S" Uncle was pretty dang happy that he had won, and I bet my last dollar he won't shirk at attending another Southampton Cruise Night over on the "right" side of the tracks !  LOL, some people just have all the luck, and then there is my "Uncle Basil" !

"Phew" that was one pretty exciting busy day rolled all in one !  I am still tired this morning from it all.

Okay onto the day at hand.....


Sunny. High 25. UV index 10 or very high.


Clear. Low 17.

Whoohooo....another beautiful summer day ahead !!!!  I can't wait to get started....once I have had that second cup of Java, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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