Thursday, 28 July 2011

Showers Are Coming, Showers Are Coming !!!

That would be rain showers, not bridal or baby showers....much needed rain showers in some areas of Ontario, and I am sure that are also much needed in other places around the World as well.


Cloudy. Showers beginning early this morning and ending this afternoon. Clearing this afternoon. High 26. UV index 6 or high.


A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness overnight then showers. Risk of a thunderstorm before morning. Fog patches developing late this evening. Low 19.

Now the questions at hand are, "do I believe it or not?", "should I put the load of darks into the washing machine, or not?"  Well let see, I did stick my head out the patio door, and it does feel like rain, it does smell like rain......I think I will actually believe the weatherman today and leave doing the laundry for another day.  Anyway I had stripped, washed, hung out and remade our bedding yesterday, so that part of it is complete for another week.

How did my day go yesterday with such a late start?  Exactly as I thought it would go, with not too much being accomplished at all, between not publishing my blog until 8:52 a.m., a phone call from my Cousin Suzanne, and my girlfriend, Colleen, one load of laundry hung out, play time with Bandit & Lexus and having lunch....that was that before I had to leave to be at the VON Caregiver Education Series meeting at 1:30 p.m..

Oh well, I survived as here I sit typing away recalling how it all played out, so I am sure my routine being thrown off didn't cause too much damage to  Oh us creatures of habit, whether bad or good, we all do have our habits about us (hopefully more good then bad).

The VON Caregiver Support Circle now that is another story in it's self.  Between the VON Team Leader, Jessica, and myself, that was the total in attendance.  *Sigh* Jessica was as surprised as I was....but it certainly was not a loss, as not only was there some sharing between us had, as well as a good listening ear from Jessica, we also did a bit of brain storming trying to figure out how there could be more attendance brought to these sessions.  I am sure there is a lot more people in the Bruce Peninsula's Wiarton area that are caregivers other then just little old me !

We came to the conclusion that Wednesdays might not be the best day for most people, especially with people having appointments in London and/or Toronto, as that is a day usually set aside at hospitals for treatments to be done.  There is also the fact that most caregivers, if any being in my age group, are still out in the workforce and would more then likely not be able to attend a daytime group meeting, and then we talked about how the sessions were advertised through individual mailings to local churches, advertisements taken out in the local newspapers, and through other groups such as the Alzheimer's Society.  Hopefully the brainstorming between the two of us gave Jessica some more insight of other possibilities, other then what had been thought of already.

Anyhow Jessica is the kind of gal that is more then capable of being creatively resourceful, so I am confident she will being giving it her all !

Jessica provided a "Avoiding Caregiver Burnout" handout that I think is extremely informative, and wherein one part of it really stood out to me, as follows:

Don't Do It Alone

Providing a significant amount of care is both physically and emotionally taxing.  Family members who care for their loved ones typically have no formal training, leaving them more vulnerable to the resulting stresses and strains. 

For example, a study published in the journal of Immunology reported that looking after someone with Alzheimer's disease can shorten the caregiver's life by four to eight years.  In addition, a 2007 review from the Alzheimer's Association found that over 40 per cent of caregivers experience high levels of emotional stress.  Unfortunately, many family members do not recognise early enough that the hard choices and overall respoinsibilities they take on are as much a cause of caregiver burnout as the physical tasks as bathing or dressing.

There is so much "good" information in this handout, that I wish I could type it all out this morning, but I just can't.  However if there is anyone out there that would like to read the whole "Avoiding Caregiver Burnout" handout, please let me know at and I would be more then happy to scan and send it to you.  It also heads up on how to Beat the burnout blues, Protect your health, Make the most of "me" time, Be a joiner, Stay fit, Ask for help, Hire a helper, Watch for warning signs, and Join a support group.

Even though I was the only one in attendance yesterday, I came away with more knowledge and a better understanding then if I hadn't gone, and hopefully by sharing this it has also given insight to someone else.

I am looking forward to the next Caregiver Support Circle meeting in a month's time.

When I returned back home, Rob was cutting the lawn (good thing since it has been decided it is to rain today), so I made us a coffee and set Bandti and Lexus free outside, lol, while we had a coffee together.  I am laughing about me saying setting them free outside, as Rob always says, "When it comes to Cindy's grandchildren or dogs, there is nothing too good for them !".   I just had to have that little chuckle to myself....and anyway I don't know what his point is ?????  LOL

After our supper of homemade spahgetti, that I had taken out of the freezer and heated up, which was really good by the way, we took to our Honda Goldwing and went downtown Wiarton to the weekly "Cruise Night".

"Here it is our trusty 1984 Honda Goldwing Interstate."

"Our Goldwing was tucked safely inbetween some of these newer posh Harley Davidsons, so it wouldn't take anything away from their "glitter""

"Always some "serious" discussions going on.  Oh there is Hermy, Rob and Lyle having one now !"

"....and here is "Laurie" !!!  I always look forward to seeing him at these shows, as he is never shy about having his picture taken !"

"On to a couple of vehicles that stood out...... a '55 Mercury."

"Most everyone's favorite, a 1973 VW Convertible."

"...and one of my most favorites a Thunderbird Convertible."

"Always a 50-50 draw put on by the local hospital's volunteers.  Oh look there, that is Ralphy Shular ! "

Just this morning, I had the question, once again, put to me, "could you explain the "South of the Checkerboard," piece of your title," when you get a chance as I don't know where or what that is", by Gill, "The British Woman" (I follow her blog).  Well Gill, the very best explaination I have found with regards to "North of the Checkerboard" is posted on The Stoke's Bay General Store's website, and by reading it, you will see why I came up with "South of the Checkerboard" so easily, and not just because we really do live "just" south of the checkerboard. 

Please go to the following link to read, "Just One of the Stories Behind "North of the Checkerboard":

If anyone knows of any better explanation then this one, I sure would love to know.....LOL.

I really have no idea as to what my day ahead holds for me, as I haven't made any plans or have had any plans made for me for it as of yet.....but we all know that is subject to change at any given minute, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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