Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Baby's Birthday Today !!! Where Has The Past 28 Years Gone To???

Happy Birthday to my youngest son, Paul, on his 28th birthday today......where did those twenty-eight years get to? 

"Happy happy Birthday, Son."

LOL, I still tell him that I never did spank him enough.  I can really only remember the "once" when I couldn't find him, and when I did find him, I spanked him, as I didn't know whether to be mad for him being missing,or happy to have found him !!!  He got spanked, then hugged right after.  LOL.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day in one way, but really not as productive as I would have liked, since I really did have a problem clearing all those ``cobwebs`` from my head.  However, I did manage to get a wee little bit of trimming at the front of the house done, that never did get finished from the day before, pay some bills, re-potted a couple of houseplants, and did some tidying up here and there around the house.

I hung some wall plaques, or should I say, ``Rob & I hung some wall plagues`` outside.  They were a couple of my Yard Sale finds from this past Saturday, along with a couple of other useful items.

``The two plagues with flowers encased in black iron for a grand total of $1.00 each.``

``Two very large overstuffed pillows for $1.00 each (Sally Ann purchases).``

``Three solid wooden children`s chairs for a ``whopping total of $5.00.``

I think I would like to paint these each a bright yellow, orange, and maybe blue for them to stand out nicely in and around the flowerbeds. 

The last purchase I had Rob in mind, as he does love shiny

``I would love someone to be able to guess what I paid for this shiny purchase.``

LOL, I can`t wait for someone to guess.  The grand total for this beautiful service of five pieces, as well as a set of solid silver salt & pepper shakers came to a grand total of......well I will say, the lady was asking $20.00, and I most certainly didn`t pay that!!!!  LOL

Phew, it certanly is alot of work going to Yard Sales and wheeling and dealing to get a good bargin or two !

When I had Lexus and Bandit out and about our property, on one of our numerous excursions throughout the day, I was admiring how the flowerbed around the pond has filled in so nicely.

``The Honeysuckle is growing up and out as well, with lots of blooms.``

``The Pond Frog was having a bath instead of sunbathing.``

I love summer and everything about it !  Oops, not quite everything, as I am not too fond of pesky bug bites, and maybe a few other things that might cause a rather lengthy list if I were to think to long and hard about it.  Best be leaving it well enough alone by just sticking to the dislike of the pesky bug bites......

What fine weather will the day ahead be bringing in celebration of Paul`s Birthday, as it is raining here right now.....let me look see.


A few showers ending this morning then clearing. Risk of a thunderstorm early this morning. High 24. UV index 9 or very high.


Clear. Fog patches developing after midnight. Low 13.

It does say clearing, but who knows......I just called Paul to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, and it is not raining at the moment in Barry, where he is working right now.  Hopefully the day there will stay nice, as he does work outside.

In celebration of Paul's Birthday, I thought it most appropriate my Auntie emailed me a "Brain Age Game" the other day.  My score was 42, which I was quite happy with, instead of a lot 102 maybe?  LOL.  Here is link where this game can be found at:

Call me a little curious, or maybe a little nosy, lol, okay a lot nosy, on how others have scored on this too, so leave me a comment or email me your results at or on my Facebook page.

Birthdays, yard sale treasures, gardens and brain stimulation all in a nutshell.  Ha,ha,ha, I must admit when I am not have a "cobwebs" in the brain day there is usually lots of brain stimulation going on here most days,  "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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