Friday, 22 July 2011

Last Day Of Vacation Bible School For Aiden !

Wow, where ever did that week get to????  The last day of Aiden going to Vacation Bible School is upon us already !!! 

Aiden has had the most wonderful time attending the VBS; playing with new children, learning new games and crafts and even learning about the Bible.  He told me yesterday that "God gave us one more life to live."  Funny how you don't think children are absorbing information, but watch out, they are actually "absorbing" more then we realize at 

One craft Aiden made was a Porcupine, which I thought was very unique.

"Once the grass seeds start growing out of this little guys back, we will actually have a mature porcupine on our hands."

Amazing the crafts that are thought of to be made.  How appropriate to make a porcupine, being in Bruce County and !  Good job, Aiden !

We also received a "Party Invite" for today's lunch.  How nice the VBS has made plans to have the families for a luncheon on the last day.  Nice gesture Pastor Pamela and the VBS Team, and many thanks for all everyone put in and/or out for the past wonderful week all the children in attendance had.

I can remember some good times being had by myself as a child at the United Church's Vacation Bible School at the Miramichi Camp in Southampton, Ontario.  Those were most certainly fun memories.

After picking Aiden up from VBS yesterday, we headed home for lunch and a bit of a rest before we ventured out again downtown to the Wiarton Library.  Both Aiden and I had a great time there.  Aiden had the librarian help him find some animal books he was interested in, and I had a nice conversation with a lady I was sitting beside, who explained her Apple IPad to me.  Just an all around informative and pleasurable time for both of us.

"Aiden heading out of the reading gazebo over to the reading animals."

"Yep, the turtle apparently turned out to be the most comfortable of all the ones that were there."

We left the library with four animal books to take along back home with us.

Next stop was the grocery store, where we got some frozen Very Berry Yogurt for moi, some Frozen Yogurt Popsicles for Poppa, and a bag of milk for Aiden's cereal, as he still had Oreo ice cream in the freezer for himself.  Trust me with that heat out there yesterday, it was a "mad dash" home to get everything put away before there was a puddle of mush in my

I was amazed to receive a free Nedi-Pot in the mail yesterday!  Wow, joining up with Free Samples Canada on Facebook really paid off.

"The Nedi-Pot is great for allergy and/or sinus sufferers.  An absolute must in my household."

 For information on the Neti Pot, follow the informative link on my blog from yesterday.

Free stuff and coupons can be applied for by signing up with Free Samples Canada on Facebook.  You can pick and choose what you want or need from whatever samples they happen to post on their site daily.  Not only have I received this Neti Pot, I have also received some coupons for items I frequently use.  Check it out, it certainly might be worth it, as it sure is for me.

Now I am wondering if today will be any cooler then it has been all week.....


Mainly sunny. Increasing cloudiness near noon. High 30 except 25 near Lake Huron. UV index 10 or very high.


Clearing early this evening. Low 21.

Nope....just as hot, if not hotter.  I still don't want snow outside my windows.

I actually remember it being like this 28 years ago in July when I brought my youngest son, Paul James, home from the hospital.  At that time we were living in a tiny apartment on the top floor of a house, without even a, it was brutal now I am thinking about it, with sweat dripping off my brow onto him as I was giving him his feeding.  It is amazing what we can endure, and remember it could always be worse.

Today will probably be as busy as the rest of the week was for me, as there is lots to do and people to see.

I am actually having my second cup of Java, so would that mean I am actually ahead of my game for a change, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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