Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Just Another Day At The Farm Just North Of Wiarton & South Of The Checkerboard

Yesterday was another full day put in, around, out and about the farm, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard. 

It all started out pretty normal with doing my "blog", giving Aiden breakfast and taking him down to his second day of Vacation Bible School.  Did I happen to mention he is only one of two boys in a whole crowd of girls !!!  Thank goodness those two boys have each other, or it could have been pretty scary for just one of them......

After picking up Aiden at lunchtime, we headed further downtown to mail his request to receive mail from the Bible School, then onto the Sally Ann Store where Aiden got an awesome "grab bag" of toys for $2.00, and I got a pair of carpi's for $5.00.  We both walked back to the car like two happy peas in a pod with our purchases!  Whoohoo !

Once back home we had our lunch of egg salad sandwiches and sliced tomatoes, then decided to have a little siesta, as the temperature outside had hit 100 degrees farenheit, and we were "all pooped" out from the heat.
Phew, once our little rest was out of the way we spent a little time at the poolside, trying to cool off to no avail.
"Feels just like being in the bathtub is really warm."

"Poppa will cool you off Aiden......"

"Run, Aiden, run....the "sucked in tummy hose spraying Poppa" is going to get you !"

Ha,ha,ha....I told Rob to "suck" in his tummy while I took the picture, well he looks like his top end is going to explode from sucking it in so tight !  LOL.

Our friend, Dean, dropped around some fencing in the morning for Rob to put up for the chickens; some of us weren't aware it had been dropped off.

"What is this stuff?  It is in my spot !"

"Is it going to "jump" out and get me any minute now???"

"I am thinking it has earned Lexus' trust the longer it hung around.  LOL."

After an afternoon of outside and poolside, we returned inside the "sweat box" so I could get supper made.  Through the heat we managed to enjoy our supper of Schnitzel, homemade potato and egg salad, and steamed cauliflower.  Yummy, frozen yogurt cones for dessert.

After supper was over with everything cleaned up, Aiden and I decided to park downtown then walk over to Bluewater Park. 

"We couldn't pass up on having a picture taken beside the giant replica of Wiarton Willie !"

"Then how cool was it to get a picture taken underneath the Lion's Club monument?"

"We managed to work our way further over towards the play area, passing by the "Splash Pad."

"We finally came upon the "Pirate Ship....."

".....and the "Boardwalk."

"On the "lookout" for approaching enemy Pirate ships."

"Nothing like actually being "On top of the World" !"

We had lots of fun at the park.  Poppa showed up in the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle to drive us back uptown to our car so we could head home for bathtime, as it was getting to be after 8:00 p.m. by this time.

Well when we got home, bathtime was most certainly put on hold, as there were more important things happening at the "farm".

"Art was there with his "huge" four wheel drive "state of the art" tractor baling our hay field."

"Well, "someone: had to run out into that field to ask if he could hop on in for a ride in the awesome tractor !"

"That "someone" was invited to go take the tractor back home and be brought back in Art's pickup truck.  I think that "someone" was pretty excited to be going along from what I could tell by this picture."

"There they go....into the sunset....boys and their toys......"

Our little "someone" didn't get back home until after 9:00 p.m., so it was a quick phone call to his Dad and Mom, a fast washup and into bed for him. 

There was more going on in-between "someone" heading down the road in a tractor and returning home, but it will have to wait and be continued for tomorrow, since I am running out of time at the moment, as there is "someone" that needs a bath this morning before

Ooops, I almost forget to check in with the Wiarton Airport for today's weather forecast....

A mix of sun and cloud. 30 percent chance of showers late this afternoon with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h late this morning. High 31 except 25 near Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. UV index 10 or very high.


Partly cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers this evening with risk of a thunderstorm. Wind southwest 20 km/h becoming light after midnight. Low 22.

No surprises, hot, hot, with a risk of thunderstorm.  I am good with that.

Once again, here I go running, with maybe a slight chance of having a second cup of Java this morning, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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