Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hollyhocks And Pretty Dolls Do Go Together !

Our day started out, yesterday, with Poppa driving Aiden down to his last Vacation Bible School morning, and me heading up North of the Checkerboard for my weekly shot in the arm by the Doc.

Once I pulled into my Doctor's office, I couldn't help but notice how much stress the tree in front of his office was going through.

"Poor thing is suffering with heat exhaustion and lack of fluids with this "heat" wave we have been having the past few days or more in Ontario."

Nothing escapes the elements of the weather, plants, animals or humans.  Hopefully it will break soon to give everything a much needed drink of rain.  This is not bad at all compared to what I hear Africa is getting at the moment, so I think I will count my blessings on that note !

I returned back home to catch up on a couple things like making my bed and unloading the dishwasher before it was time to attend the "Party" at the VBS at 11:45.  How nice it was to meet some other parents and/or guardians, over a cup of tea and a cookie, from around and about town, and even as far away as Alberta.....and how nice was Pastor Pamela and all the wonderful Volunteers, most wonderfully nice !

Never mind us adults, the focus was on how much fun all the children in attendance were having !

"There were ball games....."

"....and Face Painting....."

"....and Fish Ponds....."

"...and if you could only imagine????  A Leopard in attendance ! "

"There is Pastor Pamela, with a big smile of happiness with all the fun of children around and about."

 I was shocked to hear this was the first Vacation Bible School this church has had since the '70's !....and that the Nursery has had barely a child in it since then as well.  Wow, what happened to us in the '70's?  I certainly took my boys to Faith Missionary Church in Kitchener when they were young.

Apparently before the '70's there had been 250 children in attendence in the Nursery at this Church.  Pastor Pamela informed us the nursery has been re-done, and they are hoping there will be a new beginning with young families coming back to the Church.  Personally, I think this would be a good start, as we should give our children the learning experience of God and his Church then they can be of their own opinion.  However, if they don't know in the first place what God or a Church is, how can they ever have an opinion of it?  This is just "my opinion", as it is also my "blog", lol.

I am so every grateful to the Baptist Church, all the wonderful volunteers and Pastor Pamela for making Aiden's vacation with Grandma and Poppa a little bit more special by having the VBS.  Thank you.

Aiden and I got back home to a late lunch, which was "okay", because for some reason I was starting to feel not so good, a bit woozy and nausous.  I was ready to rest, so Aiden was very good by watching some movies inbetween the times we took Bandit and Lexus out for a jaunt or two.

In the late afternoon Rob came home with something very special for me, something one of his lady cab fares had made when he took her home, and while he waited.  You have no idea how amazed and delighted I was with this "special gift" of a "Hollyhock Doll". !

"Here she is with me trying to have her pose up on a shot glass."

"I had taken that picture real quick as she then went "arse over tea kettle" when I tried the next picture."

"Rob decided she shouldn't be perched up posing on a shot glass, so he got me a napkin for a backdrop.  Isn't she beautiful?"

I called my sister, Jeanne, and my Auntie, and they remembering making dolls from Hollyhocks, but not my sister, Donna, and I.  They are really easy to make, but alas I have no Hollyhocks in my garden or nor any granddaughters.....but if I ever should here is a video on how they are made:

Today is a very special day for my brother-in-law, not only has it been a almost a week since he has been back home from spending over 40 long days in a hospital, it is his "Birthday"  !!!

"This is Rob and Cecil when we were camping four years ago.  Rob has the Pickerel that Cecil had caught and Cecil is holding the Pike Rob had caught.....don't ask !  LOL."

....and don't ask why it won't let me format the way I want it to, all this spacing, as I don't know that either!!!  LOL.

Happy happy Birthday dear Cecil, as I know Jeanne will be reading this to you this morning at some point.  Here's to your day today and many more happy and healthy ones ahead.  Love from your extended family here in Ontario !   XXX OOO

Now I have to go try phoning him, as I do love being the first to phone anybody when it's their birthday, you know?   LOL.

I have a Raspberry Pie to make today, as well as other things that need done, and a almost seven year old that loves lots of attention, so I had better get to the weather for the day at hand.


Mainly sunny. High 30 except 26 near Lake Huron. UV index 10 or very high.


Partly cloudy. Low 19.

There it and sunny, so lots of water and less exertion....okay try telling the weatherman I have laundry that needs done today, or maybe that won't be exerting myself too much?  LOL

Okay things to do, as always, and hopefully later people dropping in for a piece of pie, so here I go, once again, running "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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