Wednesday, 19 August 2015

First Swim

I was tired with no time to nap today .... had to get going this morning by 11 am as I had to be at Owen Sound Hospital at 12 pm for my annual mammogram, which I might add was not painful whatsoever (this time around).

After the hospital I stopped in at Penningtons & Reitmans, and managed to pick my mom up a couple pair of capris.  I sure hope they fit when I take them up for her to try on.

Today I did stop long enough to admire the Orchid Rob had gotten me some months ago, which recently just bloomed again.  They look so waxy and perfect, do they not?

On my way to Owen Sound I came across a yard sale where I purchased a Church Pew.  Do not ask me why, however I have always wanted a Church Pew and now I have one.

This particular Church Pew is from the Mar Church which is located North of the Checkerboard, about 5 minutes from where we live South of the Checkerboard.

By the time I got back from Owen Sound I had just got in the house when someone arrived at the door, then the phone rang ... needless to say I never got a much needed nap today.  By the time Rob got home it was getting onto 5 pm, and we wanted to go for a swim.

We have been living up here 13 years and it is the first time Rob has been in a lake and actually gotten wet.  Buddy? it was his first swim ever to our knowledge.

It took some encouragement, however once I had set the camera down and went in, Buddy followed me right out until he was swimming.  He really had a great work out and enjoyed it after all, as I am sure did Rob.

We got back home to make BBQ hamburgers for Rob and a Turkey burger for me ... yum.

Tomorrow I take the boys to the vet for their check-up and 3 year rabies shots.  On that note I think I shall head off to bed here shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Well Cindy, yet another thing we have in common....I have always wanted a church pew too....and I'm not sure why either! lol. Lynn

  2. I don't often go in the water either - when I'm at the beach I prefer to sit under an umbrella with a good book.

  3. A church pew's a different addition to a house!

  4. We were at the cottage all this week. Nemo did a LOT of swimming. He's been very nervous around water before, but this time he was running and leaping off the raft, being really calm in the boat and swimming all over the place with us. Who knew?


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