Saturday 23 May 2015

Nothing Was Done AGAIN !

I can honestly say nothing was done again at home.  When am I ever going to "get it together"?  I most certainly hope before I completely lose myself.

Other then getting nothing done, I had a fantastic time at the Heels & Hammer Event at the Wiarton Home Building Centre.  Have a "look see" yourself at the photos by *clicking* HERE.  And today I had also been invited to an OPEN house by Revell Real Estate Wiarton.  Oh my what I could do with a few hundred thousand dollars or more ... and the view over Colpoy's Bay is unbelievable !  See for yourself by *clicking* HERE, and don't forget to click on the video tab for an introduction of the home in person by Mike Revell.

I am so very grateful to be part of such an amazing Community.  Life took me down a long road, but I finally feel I belong, and that is a very good feeling.

The only thing I am not too much at peace with is our home.  It is hopefully not my forever home, as I need something all on one floor on a nice piece of property with a pond or water running through it, and lots of room for the Aussies to safely run without the worry of a Highway.  I will hold tight to this dream of mine, as dreams do come true, and I hope I will still be well enough and young enough to enjoy whenever it comes to be.

Really though I am grateful for having family and friends who love me, healthy amazing grandchildren and a piece of the World which is clean and safer then many other places out there.

What blessings are you grateful for in your life?

This afternoon I went out on a little shopping spree for myself.  At the Nurse's Luncheon & Fashion show I had attended, everyone there had received a $20.00 Gift Certificate for Josie's of Wiarton, on purchased over $50.00.  I took advantage of this savings today.

I walked away with a casual fun outfit today for less then $100.00.  The T with "Local is the New Black" is what I wanted since I had first seen it on Josie's of Wiarton's Facebook page.  The jeans are Capris, and can be casual or fancy enough to "dress up" too.

Lots of great stuff behind the doors of Josie's of Wiarton.  Check out her Facebook page by *clicking* HERE.  Josie also has a couple of clothes lines for the full figured ladies as well, so do not hesitate on stopping by, just in case something catches your eye.

We had homemade hamburgers for our Dinner this evening.  I also had raw mushrooms with Curry Mayo Dip ... oh so yum yum yum.

I hope I get to stay home tomorrow as I, once again, have big plans to get much done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hopefully today goes in your favour!

  2. Wiarton sounds like a wonderful community to live in. We must visit sometime.


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