Wednesday 20 May 2015

Allergy Season

Is your throat scratchy, ear(s) congested that you can barely hear out of them, and your eyes itchy and burning? then I could very well tell you are experiencing allergy season with a BANG !

I have had an antihistamine already today which gave me no relief whatsoever.  It is 4:07 pm and I am ready for bed, caring less about dinner, or much else for that matter.  Fatigue gets to me on the best of days, and it feels like a whole ocean is inside my left ear and my head is going to float away.

The other night, after I had cut the lawn, not only did all these symptoms appear but the palms of my hands also broke out from holding onto the metal handle of the lawn mower.  Cortisone cream gave me relief for that, and the next day I wore gloves to cut more of the lawn.

Geesh, if it isn't one thing attacking me it is something else.  I am truly starting to feel like a hypochondriac even though I know this not to be true.

Nope it is NOT a cold, *click* HERE.

Every Year I hear, "this is the worse year for allergies".  True or False?  I believe it is False, as EVERY YEAR is BAD for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

I did weekly allergy shots for a good few years.  What a "pain in the backside", however they did help me build a non-existent immune system to where I am today.  Hopefully I do not have to go back to that weekly regiment.

I had wonderful plans for myself on the home front today, but my plans for such matters are always and continuously broken.  I did however get two invoices sent out on behalf of my Crabby Cabbie hubby, and made a trip to my Doctor`s appointment which was not today, as I screwed up with it being a week from today, also I accomplished sorting out a few things to either sell or give away.

Far from the plans I originally had but still something is better then nothing, and at least my bed got made.

4:38 pm and I am heading to mess up my bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Allergies have never been that much of an issue to me.

  2. cutting grass will give you bad allergies, ask me how I know!!!


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