Sunday 3 May 2015

A Very Unsuspecting Girl

No changes today in pain or fatigue, however more was done as I need to get a few things done before Wednesday..  Thank goodness, as I could not have stood another afternoon sleeping a gorgeous day away.  

This morning I put through a couple of loads of laundry, hanging them on the line as well.  I also got the renewal application completed for the Crabby Cabbie, and my papers filled out for the hospital.

Once Rob got up and had coffee, we walked back to check the Beaver situation before heading into Owen Sound to pickup the Wedding Gift we had gotten our Paul and Elizabeth.  I cannot post here what we got them as our dear Elizabeth is known to read my blog on occasion and a surprise it will remain for now.

We also took a very unsuspecting girl along with us.  After were were done our pickup, we headed on over to the ....

... Pet Wash.  Yes Lexus had no idea what we were doing there, but found out soon enough.

Yes it was a very different experience then she was used to having.  I really got the "Mom help me look" prior to the drying began.

Lexus does not only smell nicer, she is also soft and fluffy.  She was also very happy to get back home, I might add.

After the Pet Wash Rob and I made a couple of other brief stops, at No Frills and Giant Tiger, oh yes at Deals too, as Rob needed to get himself a cane.

Last night our Dr. called us to let us know he read the results of Rob's CT Scan he had last week.  He told me they were not good, and no wonder he was in so much pain, since the discs in his lower back were very very severely degenerated.  He is referring him to a Specialist in London.  I am hoping we could maybe get one in Kitchener instead, as that would be much easier for us since we have family there.  Time will tell.

With the beautiful weather today the temperatures had soared the highest they have been yet this Spring.

Needless to say there was no problems with the laundry not drying completely, especially with the breeze assisting.

Not getting home until about 5 pm, we still had to take our personal vehicle over to the garage for its appointment tomorrow to put on the Summer Tires, give it an oil change, and inspect the brakes. 

Always something needing done is there not?

Rob made us each a BBQ'd Butterball Turkey Burger .... yummmmmm, I love them topped with red onion.  

I got the laundry all in from the line, and just got the bed made back up when Rob decided to hit the sack as I was mid-way finished this here post.  Nothing like crawling into fresh air dried bedding off the clothes line.

Thank goodness for my very thoughtful Auntie Gladys who has done up an invite for the Masterson 2015 Reunion and emailed it out to everyone on my behalf, as it is my family's turn at it this year. We rotate between the heads of the family from Grandpa and Grandma Masterson.  Thanks muches and bunches Auntie xoxoxo.

Lots on our plates again tomorrow, but for now it is soon goodnight, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I did not know there was such a thing of DIY pet washes. Learned something new.

  2. Poor Lexus! She looks so helpless!

  3. Pet Wash - what a fantastic idea! You sure had a full day!

  4. Oh the weather was perfect for bedding. Take care of yourself Cindy. Hug B


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