Friday 22 May 2015

Boys & Their Toys

A little piece of my amazing World as I see it ,,,



As for "boys & their toys", a little piece of my Rob's amazing World as he sees it ....

A new Simplicity 27 HP Lawn tractor (with a roll bar), and a big pile of gravel, delivered today for his moving around pleasure.

The Lawn Tractor was decided on after we have over the years many many used ones which keep breaking down and requiring very expensive belts.  Rob bought this Demo, which had 1/2 hour of time on it, after selling a Push Mower, the broken down Lawn Tractor, and our 9n Tractor.

Hopefully the 3 year warranty holds true for any future requirements if needed, and also it was bought locally as an added bonus on knowing who we were dealing with.  Thanks Pinkertons !

I am now off to a Ladies Night ....

Heels & Hammers Ladies Night at the Wiarton Home Building Centre
Ladies this is one event you won't want to miss out on ! This evening, May 22, 2015 at 6:30 pm.
Darrin Nobile from Beautitone Paints
Josies of Wiarton
Complete Wellness
Jewellery By Gail McClay
Door Prizes:
Gift Certificate for Paint- $100.00
Gift Certificate for Kuraidori-$100.00
Gift Certificate for Home Bldg. Centre-$100.00
In store Coupons, 40% off Woodshed Stain & Designer Series Paint, & 30% Off All Kuraidori Products
Be ready for some NEW Decor ideas & LOTS of fun !
What a deal on the Series Paint !  I will be picking some up for our new doors (we just got for free yesterday), the trim needing redone, and a galleon for our bedroom.  I will also be busy taking photos at this Event.

I best be off to get my camera battery put back into my camera, along with the SD card, before checking out, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Beautiful shots, Cindy!

    Rob's in that brand new toy phase, which will keep him nicely occupied.

  2. We bought a zero turn like that 2 years ago but it doesn't have a roll bar. Hmmm. A roll bar would be a good idea. Anyway, it has been great. I still haven't mastered turning without digging up the grass a bit with the wheel.

  3. not bothered about the gravel, but LOVE the lawn tractor!!! hope you had a good night tonight.


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