Friday 8 May 2015

LOVE Surprises !

This morning I didn't even make the bed or look behind me as I headed South down the road towards the makings of a surprise.  I LOVE SURPRISES, but better then that I LOVE surprising others.

I arrived in Kitchener about 10:30 am at my sister Donna's home.  We had a nice visit out on her patio in the shade, as it was the warmest day so far this Spring.  After our visit I headed out to New Hamburg to go see our kids.

Paul was at work, and Liz was sleeping after a 12 night shift at the hospital, so I got myself some lunch and hung out with Bandit in the park until she was up.  We had ourselves a coffee on the porch while we waited for the kids to come home from school.

Once Josh, Chloe and Briar arrived home us girls headed out for a walk with the dogs.  By the time we got home Paul was on his way with the boys, Aiden & Connor as it was their weekend to come visit.

Liz got dinner ready for everyone, but before we sat down for it, I asked them to come outside with me.

I got the really Mom, what's up "look" from Paul, as he was hot and tired from a long day at work.  Then it was from both Paul & Liz the "really" look, I can't believe it !

Not only were they both surprised the were also very happy Rob and I gifted them a Dishwasher for their Wedding Gift.

This is the reason Rob & I thought they should have their wedding gift early, as there is ALWAYS dishes needing doing at their house.

Once we were done dinner, and Paul had a quick shower the 8 of us headed out for a walk with Mercedes and Bandit.  It was nice to get out to walk with the balmy breeze.

The boys are getting themselves a sandwich for a bedtime snack, and then maybe we will watch a movie on Netflix. 

I am happy to be here with our kids, but I still miss my Rob who stayed behind, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. that was a nice surprise you gave them and a very useful one at that!

  2. What a great day and a great gift! I'm sure it will get used a lot!


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