Monday 18 May 2015

Almost Done

Rob was so tired last night, and I was so tired as well.  The difference was Rob got called out through the night and only got about 4 hours sleep.  I was exhausted from all the lawn cutting yesterday.

After I had taken the Aussies all out this morning I went back to bed until 9 pm !  can I believe I did that? hardly.  All day long I was exhausted.  It did not help with the day being full of humidity, sucking the life out of us.

I managed to do another load of laundry and got the centre of the lawn almost done.  We need to think of a solution quick about the lawn tractor not working as I don't think I can keep this up all Summer long, or I will never get anything else done !!!

I got almost 3/4 of the front horseshoe cut before I could do no more, but then again it had been time to go in for a dinner of BBQ t-bone, baked taters and veggies Rob had made for us.

I had gotten a pair of Bogs last Fall, and have only worn them in short bouts.  I got them for taking the dogs out in the mornings when the grass is wet, and to cut the lawn, as not to wreck my running shoes.

The Bogs are very comfortable, however after all the lawn cutting they cut into my legs.  I am very disappointed, especially since Bogs are not cheap to buy.

I  have emailed Bogs Canada customer service to see if this has been an issue with these boots.  Hopefully I hear back this week with an update.

More on Bogs? just *click* HERE.

The "Voice" is on in an hour.  It is getting down to the wire with only 4 left in the running, and 2 will be eliminated, I believe, tomorrow night.

Hope everyone had a great Victoria Day Holiday Weekend ! for us? it was just another weekend trying to get things done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. are you hand cutting that grass????? My advice, get the tractor fixed, or you will be laid up all Summer.............I had thought of getting some Bogs, but I ended getting regular rainboots instead.

  2. Get the tractor fixed. I would suggest thicker socks, something you'd wear in the winter. I get that sort of reaction out of regular rainboots, which is why I don't wear them.


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