Monday, 20 October 2014

Beaver Tails !

I heard Rob get up from bed and head into the washroom and back.  I was not long after him.  It had been 3 am.  Portia decided she needed out also, so back up I got and outside we went.  I was thankful it had not been pouring rain as it had been when we went back out at 7 am.  Buckets of rain that is !

I had so many plans to wash floors and clean with so much that needs doing, however my husband had other plans for me this morning.  I, once again, was his runner.  Run to town for this, and for that, consuming the whole morning.  

How could I deny being his runner when he had been so busy taking our little wood stove out and replacing it with the down draft wood stove.  He had it up and running by lunch time.  Thank goodness as the rain has not let up all day long causing the dampness to seep into the walls of our house.

I served lunch up for us, then Rob got called out.  I had started doing a bit of tidying up, but not much by any means, when I heard someone pull in.  It had been the trapper we had come around for our Beaver problem.  I could not bring myself to say "little" beaver problem, as truly for the amount of damage they can do it had turned into quite a "large" beaver problem by the first of Summer this Year.

The trapper was coming by to check if there had been anything other then the first one he had gotten in our drainage ditches.  He had just been over the way at a neighbour's property where he had finally gotten one which had been quite crafty for the past while until this day.

I had never seen a Beaver up close and personal before, so this had been somewhat of an "awe" factor for me today.  This one was apparently a medium sized Beaver.  Not too attractive are they? somewhat like an over grown Mole in my eyes, except for that leather thick tail and razor sharp teeth.

I never knew until today that Beaver teeth never stopped growing.  This I wondered as you would think with the amount of and what they chewed down, they would not have any teeth for long.  You can learn more about Beaver Biology by *clicking* HERE.

I surely did not accomplish anything I had set out to do this day.  Once again I had to fall back on the good old standby of "eggs" for our Dinner choice.

I had also been happy to realized I had some leftover potatoes at hand in the fridge to fry up as well to go along with the Cheese Omellet I had thrown together.

Dinner had hit the spot with both Rob and I leaving the Dinner table satisfied and full.

You will be hearing more then once I am sure how much I am missing my laptop.  It went through my mind to call a guy up in Ferndale who does repairs, and who I had been referred to, however I got sidetracked too many times to get a call into him.  Maybe tomorrow, the next day, or the day after that I will get a call into him.

Tonight The "Voice" comes on at 8 pm.  The table was cleared and dishes done long ago now, so I will just make a trip out with Portia and settle myself in with a bit of TV watching, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Cindy.... I have never seen a beaver up close and sure wouldn't want to meet one. It is illegal to trap or kill them in our state. They sure can do a lot of damage, but they have rights here!!! Bess

  2. That looks like a delicious dinner.

  3. Beavers have been introduced over here in some places and have had a really beneficial effect but I guess you have a few too many! xx


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