Monday, 11 March 2013

A Thank You Is Always Fantastic

The Daylight Savings has not really effected me too much with my sleeping pattern.  However it has"  effected our "Checkerboard Aussies", but in a good way for me.  Ha ! at 7:00 am they think is still only 6:00 am, so until they figure it out I got a huge "break" this morning.  Shh, don't let them in on my secret.

Even though it does not look like I accomplished anything this morning, I was steady at it.  Dishes were done up, bed made, laundry folded, "Crabby Cabby" paperwork done up, everyone fed, including the Four little Fabulous Four porkers, heavy on the "porkers".

Since I had been so busy the past few days I had not gotten around to opening our personal Bell Mobility bill until this morning.  Good thing I was sitting down otherwise I truly would have fallen over.  Apparently not realizing it, Rob was using our personal phone calls as a Business Phone in turn going way over the daytime minutes our plan afforded by $112.50 plus taxes.  Can anyone well imagine the heart palpitations I was experiencing?  *Sigh* 

I tried to calm myself before calling Rob, but really do not think I succeeded as well as I would have liked to as menopause has a way of playing with one's emotions and stress levels so I have found.  I went forward with the phone call, and yes indeed my dear wonderful husband had not paid any thought to what daytime minutes he had been racking up on our personal cell phone account.  Now mind you this was far from being intentional on his part, and it never is because who in their right mind would want to incur unnecessary cost to themselves.

After I had voiced my concerns to Rob on this oversight, in a more shrill voice then usual if I were to be honest about it.  I sat for a bit stewing a bit before deciding to make a call to Bell Canada to see if maybe a different plan might be better for the one we have had for the past couple of years, which I might add had been working well for us up until this past month.

I got a Customer Service lady in Bell's billing department, who I explained the situation to.  She obviously heard the stress in my voice, and in the most wonderful calm voice she said, "relax dear we are going to see if we can make this all better for you, as every day should be started out with a smile on your face and pleasure with looking forward  to the day ahead".  (Jeez how could I explain it to a Bell Customer Service Billing lady that is not the easiest to keep emotional Menopause roller-coasting out of each and ever day, however hard I try to.  I kept my mouth zipped, as she had such a calming effect on me, I could have spoken with her all day long I am sure).  

True to her word this wonderful lady at the other end of my phone line, somewhere in Quebec, made my day by eliminating those "extra" minutes that had been on our bill.  I must have had the biggest smile ever on my face at the moment she told me this, expressing to this lady how truly grateful I was to her.  The phone call ended with her telling me to, "tell my husband to be more careful with his phone usage from here on in and dear girl not to give myself over to stress to ruin the day".  

There are still Angels in this World, as I am certain I was speaking to one this morning.  I was truly thankful.

Last week I had been so busy with other matters, I had almost forgotten about a surprise I had.

"Do you not LOVE when a UPS or Purolator truck pulls into your drive way?  I sure do as usually it means there is a Happy Package of some sort in it for me."

"Whoohooo !  I was right.  Thank you Knorr Canada for your thoughtfulness.  How exciting was it to receive this package full of goodies in the way of not only Knorr products, but What's For Dinner recipe cards.  I can see some "new to me" Knorr recipes being made in my Kitchen's future ... stay tuned."

Should you have missed my post about my telephone interview with Knorr Canada's spokeswoman, Sandi Richard, please take time for the read by *clicking* HERE.

Really truly "a thank you is always fantastic", is it not? and it is only two little words taking maybe two breathes from your life to voice your gratitude to another who has made you happy in some way or another, or them towards something you have done for them, in turn they were grateful for.

My afternoon seemed to go very quickly for me especially when Rob arrived home early to run a couple of errands that needed done.  Once home it was chow time again for the Fabulous Four.  Speaking of which I heard from and received a couple of photos today from Bindi's new Forever Home.  You can read all about that HERE.

Our dinner tonight couldn't be any easier then heating up some really good leftovers.  Easy and good, I do LOVE me that combination, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Now that rates as good customer service.

    Enjoy the time before the dogs cue into the difference in DST. For the moment, only we humans have to be befuddled by it. If it was me, I'd drop the bloody thing all together.

  2. So pleased to hear you had such good customer service. Way beyond what one normally gets and the parcel on top of that - great.

  3. Now this sounds like an overall fantastic day!! And I know how you feel with time change and Aussies...I feel the same way with kids right now :)

  4. Great to hear abt your cust service experience. and that knorr box isn't bad either. enjoy!- Irma

  5. Another thank you...thanks for reminding me about the generator!
    Jane x

  6. Wish I felt the same as you about this time change, it has me all in a tizzy!! Ha What a great way to start the day with someone who cares about the job they do!! Not easy to find theses days. I see lots of cooking going on with that big box of goodies from Knorr, enjoy

  7. I did notice the same about Sam and Mambo :) Oh gosh, I received a bill for $500+ and almost had a heart attack!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  8. WOW Cindy, that is TRULY a miracle of which you write! A civil person at Bell Canada who calmed your nerves, straightened out your problem AND reversed the booboo! I know people who have been almost wiped out by situations like that and Ma Bell was a cruel witch!

    1. Indeed it was so, Karen, and I was beyond thankful !

  9. What a wonderful experience with Bell Canada! How often do we get someone of her caliber when we call with a problem? What a sweetie! The box from Knorr and the thank you were great happy mail! Hope you started today with a smile. Reading your post put a smile on my face!

  10. Oh I wish customer service was as good here in welsh Wales x


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