Sunday, 16 August 2015

Masterson Family Reunion 2015

I was heading up our Family Reunion this Year, or should I say my Family members were, however that ended up being me, my son and DIL, as well as my niece, Joanne, helped me out.  Helping hands are a wonderful thing, are they not?

I am pretty sad as I usually get some lovely candid shots at our Family Reunions, however being otherwise occupied with games and whatnot I did not get the opportunity this Year.  Next year, but in the meantime the Pinatas had been a huge hit with the children, and of course the prizes, and the FOOD !!!

Even though I had to change-up the date back a week, we still had a really great turn-out.

LOTS of prizes for the children, desserts and lots and lots of FOOD ! (really really good foods).

Cousin Wendy had her 45th Birthday today, and Auntie Gladys had made her a Birthday Cake, as she is her MIL, and that is what wonderful MIL's do, is it not?  Wendy had been delightfully surprised.

As mentioned before, the Pinatas had been a great hit (no pun intended).  We had 3 different ones with 3 different age groups.

I am pretty certain a great day had been had by all.  Rob and I had gotten back home about 3 pm.  At 5 pm he took Bandit & I up to Berford Lake for a swim to cool down ... oh so nice it had been.

Mama Portia, and baby are both doing fine.  For any quires, I never breed any of our females on a first heat, always being their second.  Sometimes only a single puppy is born, and great care has to be put into its first 7 to 8 week of learning without litter mates.  Fortunately with Lexus due soon the Oe & only puppy will be getting some "other" puppy experiences.

I only got 2 hours sleep last night so needless to say I am, once again, tired, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. It's good to get together with the whole family like that.


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