Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What To Say?

Really what to say? today, I have really not too much at all to say.  Do you ever have one or a few of those days when it is difficult to even remember what you did? of course, I am certain we all have days like that.

One thing I did do was meet up with a gal at the Hepworth Tim Hortons at 11:30 am, as she had bought a Wireless Pet Containment unit I had for sale on Kijiji.  Last Fall we had purchased two, realizing this Spring one was sufficient enough area for Portia, so I feel I was fortunate to sell the "extra" one which hadn't even been opened.

Back home it was some lunch, then manning the phones for Rob while he had some fun cutting the lawn.  A lawn which used to take me at least 3 hours to cut takes him seemly no time at all, and he can "turn on a dime" with it as well.

New toys are always first fun, then somehow for some reason become "work".  How does that happen, I wonder?

I was noticing our lilac bush had begun to bloom.  It was to be a miniature bush, but seems quite large to me.  I also just noticed Bandit had "photo bombed" this picture.  No privacy at all around here some days.

It must be going to rain this evening as my body is aching more then usual being a sure sign.  I even had a bit of a lay down this afternoon as the fatigue got a little much for me.  Tomorrow I have a followup with my Doctor for some bloodwork I had done 2 weeks ago.

This evenings dinner was done on the BBQ, as this morning I had seasoned some Pork Ribs.

Baked Potato, BBQ'd Ribs & fresh steamed Asparagus.

This evening there is a risk of a thunderstorm in our area.  I love a good thunder banger, don't you? especially when it is through the night time.  No wonder I am feeling weary, even though darkness has yet to take over the skies, it is evening as in 7:30 pm, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The nasty weather went through here not long ago. Glad you were able to sell the extra Pet containment set.

  2. I have had days like that. If we get the storms that moved through southern Ontario, it'll be sometime in the night.

  3. We were supposed to get thunderstorms but nothing happened last night. I think it rained for 5 minutes and that was it. We desperately need the rain though.


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