Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What A "Fun" Luncheon !

Myself, neighbour Lois, my Auntie Gladys and Cousin Vi, all met up at the Wiarton Propeller Club today for the Nurse's Week Luncheon & Fashion Show.

We had gotten a table in front of the "runway" so I could get some, hopefully, good photos of the models.  Lois and Vi looked on as Auntie counted out the loot I had reimbursed her for booking the facility for our upcoming Masterson Reunion this Summer.  Too cute.

The Propeller Club volunteers put on a totally awesome luncheon of quiche, pasta Alfredo, mixed veggies & spinach salad with homemade raspberry dressing.  Desserts squares & beverages were also available.

One of Wiarton's local nurses contributed Nurse's Uniforms from the past to be modelled by, yes of course, the nurses who modelled Josie's of Wiarton fashions.

Josie Myles of Jose's of Wiarton is a huge supporter in our community.  The cost of the tickets had been $20.00 with proceeds going to the Propeller Club, and she reimbursed everyone with a Gift Card in the amount of $20.00 for her store.  I looked at it as a win, win situation for me, as she has lots of fantastic fashions in her store.  To see the models in action with fashions from Josie's of Wiarton, please *click* HERE.  Easier for me as there were so many photos I had taken today !

When I finally did get back home today Rob had been out with Lexus ...

Lexus was "lapping" up the attention she was getting from Rob.

Don't think I mentioned, but I had also had a morning meeting, and now heading out shortly to an OPEN HOUSE downtown Wiarton to a new business adventure Paul Deacon has taken on.  Yes there will be photos tomorrow .... of course.

On that note I will be off and running, leaving Rob & the Aussies to hold down the fort,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day . Lovely photos and that luncheon looks YUMMY ! I am glad you are feeling better and have recovered from your opp . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. I agree with Country Gal, glad you are feeling better, but do try to remember not to overdo it just yet........

  3. That benefit looks fun and the food delicious. I love the old uniforms! Too bad they didn't have the caps, but still fun.

  4. A long day for you! Try not to overdo it.


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