Monday, 6 October 2014

Yummy With A Capital "Y"

I broke down last night and took a pill to take the edge off to help me sleep.  Not only is the new mattress getting more comfortable as the nights go by, I actually finally got at least six hours sleep.  I am still tired, but at least I had more sleep under my belt then I have been getting the last month.  Hooray !!!

Today I hit the books, the "Crabby Cabbie" books that is.  It is the third quarter and I need to get it done and out of the way before the 15th of September.  I also had a couple of phone calls to make this morning.  Really just a couple of phone calls takes up more time then one can afford some days, but some times they can not be avoided when it comes to business or enquiries.

After lunch I got the Turkey washed and ready for in the oven, putting it in to roast by 2 pm.  I also got the potatoes and beets ready at the same time, each cleaned and in a pot of water ready to go.

I had invited my sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Cecil, for Turkey Dinner, however they could not make it.  As it was her daughter, Jo-Anne, had to bring me up some paperwork to look after on their behalf, so she stayed to have dinner with us.  It was a nice visit too.

Oh my it was very Yummy with a Capital "Y" for all the goodness that comes with a Turkey.  Rob stripped the bones of meat and put the carcass right in the pot with water & veggies to boil down for a Turkey Stock.

With Chicken Stock made yesterday, and Turkey Stock today, we will be in good shape for a little while waiting for the colder weather to set in.  YUM YUM YUM, thinking of everything you can use homemade stock with.

Rob and I have both been cutting back on fat intake and portions, so this evening's Turkey Dinner did not include dressing or gravy.  I will make with those two "extras" on those special occasion meals, not just for an every day meal.  It is tough to cut back on how you are used to cooking and/or eating, but you have to start somewhere/somehow.

Rob and I have been watching, from the start, this Season's The "Voice".  It starts at 8 pm, so I am going to get the dishes done up so I can curl up to watch it with him tonight.

On that note, I will call this a wrap, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. That'll no doubt come in handy for soup for some time to come.

  2. I haven't even bought a turkey yet!!!

  3. 6 HOURS! Congratulations.....keep it up please and I'm so pleased the bed is getting better. xxx


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