Saturday, 11 October 2014

Trapped The Beaver !!!

I have no idea how anyone else felt last night but we put the duvet on top of the quilt, blanket & sheet that had already been on our bed, and Rob got the Wood Stove fired up today.  There had been a heavy frost this morning when I took the dogs out and it is a might nippy out there again tonight.

Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada, with Thanksgiving Day celebrated on the Monday.  
I am very thankful for my Family, Friends as well as the Farmers who feed us.

This morning I headed down to the Wiarton Hospital for my 9:30 am appointment to have the x-ray done on my right knee.  I do not go back until November to follow-up with my Family Doctor.  It has almost given out on me a few times today, along with my back.

Yes I tend to agree with ever who told me that the only thing about approaching the Golden Years is your pee !!!  I suppose when one has worked and played hard when younger the results show up unfortunately when we get older.

After I had gotten back from my x-rays the man who traps Beavers had came by.  Hurray he had trapped the Beaver who had been giving us so much grief the past Month.  It had weighed in at 48 lbs, ! that was some big Beaver in my books.  Hopefully that will be the end of that until Spring rolls around again, but he will be keeping an eye out for us when that time rolls around again.

I was wiped out today, even having to lay down this afternoon.  What did I get done? really nothing at all as I just wasn't able to.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

My poor girlfriend, Vicki, who fell and had shattered her right shoulder back in March was also feeling a lot of pain and agony today with it.  The cold weather brings on added aches and pains as well, especially when one has a steel plate and pins holding it all together in their shoulder.

This evening Doug, Vicki, Rob and I went into Owen Sound to have Dinner at Swiss Chalet.  It was okay, but I found it was a little on the expensive side for what we choose to have.  I had the Chicken with Shrimp Dinner, while Rob had two appetizers and the Rib/Chicken combo dinner.  The appetizer Caesar Salad he had was not very big for the cost of the $5.00 they charged for it.  I do have to say the shrimp was amazing ! and their gravy is also very very good.

We just got back home shortly after 7 pm.  The dogs all had to be taken care of, and again once more before I call it a night.

We are having a Ham Dinner tomorrow for our Dinner, thanks to Doug and Vicki.  I will make a Feta Bean Salad, and I bought a 1/2 Black Forest Cake for dessert.

What are your Thanksgiving Celebration plans for this holiday weekend?

Finger crossed, now I have rested more today, that tomorrow will be a much better day for me & Vicki, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. I will be having a hot meal with friends around the lunch hour on Monday; that suits me just fine.

    When you introduce steel plates and pins into the body, the body will never be the same again. My brother needed pins inserted after he badly broke his leg years ago, and it's never been the same for him.


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