Sunday, 19 October 2014

Overworked !

This girl was up at 4 am letting little, who really is not so little anymore, Portia out.  Then I got to lay there until 7:30 until everyone else required my undivided attention.  7:30 am and still in bed? that is unheard of in the best of circumstances in this house !!!

My day really didn't get off to the best of starts once I had got up and going, as my Laptop died on me with the screen remaining BLACK when I booted it up.  I think I already know the answer to its problem, and that would be cause I might have OVERWORKED it the past two years since I bought it.  Regardless of what I have done to it I need my laptop, or any laptop for that matter, as my PC is not ergonomic friendly as my laptop was.

At least I still have the PC, but my body will not be able to tolerate it for long, especially when it comes time each day end when I sit down to blog.  Not good whatsoever !

Speaking of Portia, she apparently thinks she rules the roost over Bandit ...

... this is the "not so little" girl helping herself to not only Bandit's bed, but his chair too !

This morning while Rob was gone South over to my friend's place, I had to head up and over on the Peninsula a little bit.  I could not been more pleased then to do so, however had wished there had been more time to stop to take LOTS of photos along the way, but still ...

... the drive had been splendorous and I still managed to stop to take these two breathtaking photos of what I had been witness to this gorgeous morning, or whole day for that matter.  It had been nice to have a cool crisp, but Sunny day without rain to take in the beauty which surrounds us at this time of Year.

Rob had been gone over to my friend, Diane's to pickup a down draft Wood Stove from them, as they were upgrading.  This stove hold much more wood then our little stove, so we are pretty certain it will burn all through the night with us getting up to a cozy warm house in the mornings in the depth of the Winter.  Rob also had been busy today changing a tire that had gone on the RV ... I would say that tire had seen its day, wouldn't you?

My brother puts out apples to entice the Deer to his property prior to Deer Season, so today he had dropped over with his grandson, Riley, and their dog, Gator to collect apples from our Apple Tree.

Bandit, Riley and Gator all enjoyed the visit we had with each other.

This afternoon I had to go downtown to do a couple of errands, then later picked up my friend, Pari, to go over to Owen Sound for a bit too.  Rob had our Dinner started with browning the hamburger by the time I had arrived back home.

Dinner had been Homemade Hamburger Helper along with Creamy Coleslaw.  It was very good.

What else did I manage to get done? our bedding stripped, laundered and hung out on the line.

I don't know why, but sometime I get the feeling I am being watched when out and about our property ... hmmm.

I suppose I best be signing off as our bed still remains to be made up and the Dinner dishes are waiting beside the Kitchen sink, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. It's lucky that Portia's such a cutie!

    Bad luck on the laptop!


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