Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Oopsie !

Who in this World would not want to wake up to these gorgeous skies in the morning?  First to the East, and second to the West.

We had some Sunflowers reseed themselves this Year, much to my delight as I love Sunflowers, however they are getting a bit tired now.  The Blue Jays have been at them already however I was not quick enough to capture them this morning.
Below the Hen has been nurturing some Chicks the past couple of weeks.

After Dinner last night Rob had put the stock pot on the stove with the Turkey carcass to simmer for hours to make a Turkey stock.  After it had cooled the carcass and veggies were removed with the stock put into the fridge.

This morning I got going on the Chicken Stock I had made the day before.  Tomorrow it will be the Turkey Stock.

The fat had congealed, rising to the top.  I skimmed most of it then strained the remainder through a clean tight weaved tea cloth.  Half I froze and half I made Chicken Noodle Soup with.

I was awake again most of the evening.  After I had finished with the stock and putting the soup on to simmer I had felt like a "Mack Truck" had hit me.  Once Rob had arrived home about 11 am, I got a pillow and hit the couch.  Of course the phone rang, someone came to the door, and the dogs all were barking ... needless to say I did not get the much needed sleep/rest I had needed.  What I did was listen to the old Western Rob had on the TV with Doc Holiday and Billy the Kid.  It had been a really really old one.

This afternoon I had a couple of errands to do downtown.  The fog finally cleared from my head and by 3 pm I started feeling a bit better.  When Dinner time came along I was back up to speed.

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Salad really hit the spot.  

Except for the "oopsie" I managed to have ....

.... while I was peppering my soup the shaker slipped from my hand into my soup bowl with a good amount of soup landing in my lap.  Really who hasn't had this happen to them before?  Me? a few times over the years.

Yes I had to get myself changed before I could start my Dinner.

In-between my errands today I had some amazing chatting time with some gals.  I love when I can sit down and enjoy conversations that are easy going with company who are fun to be with.  Makes a person's day when there is this kind of down time we all need from time to time.

I have had a lot on my mind the past while.  Between my lifestyle over the past Year, fatigue and stress I have been feeling it has really been overbearing with me finding myself being less active and overeating.  I have put on 15 lbs over the past 2 years, and that in itself has really getting me down.

I find when I am tired I eat, when I am stressed I eat, when I am bored (which I should never be bored) I eat.  So in part and parcel I have been eating a lot more then I should be, as well as not being as active as I also should be.  Between fatigue, lifestyle and pain I have also slowed down a lot the past Year.

I am the only one who can control this, but I have been struggling with it all the past few months.  I did start walking again a month or so ago, however life got in the way ending that.  I got Rob to hook up my Wii so I am hoping I will find the time and energy to start the Wii Fitness again.

I know two years ago before the surgery x 2 on my right knee, when I had been more active, that I felt much better then I do now.  I just need to somehow get back to being close to what I had been doing.  It has been on my mind for sometime, and if I say it enough I might be able to actually put it into play for myself.  Nothing comes easy, and everything worth something takes effort and work.

I MISS MY OLD BORING ROUTINE !!!  of housework, exercise, cooking and baking.

The old saying comes to mind, "should you fall off your bicycle, get back on and ride again".  I will be doing that until I get it right.  Wish me luck !

I am having a difficult time getting used to it being dark by 7:30 pm, with me not looking forward to the time Falling back in a couple of weeks.  What about you?

The next couple of days I will be busy, and can you believe it is Thanksgiving Weekend in a short few days????  oh my goodness where does time fly too so quickly !!!  the nerve of it not stopping to wait up for us to catch up.

On that note I think I will wrap it up and go take a puppy called Portia outside, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Tonight at 7pm I thought it was much later..it seems to be getting darker sooner...at a fast pace. I really don't like the earlier nights..I feel so much more tired once the sun goes down.
    Jane x

  2. Beautiful skies!

    You do a good deal of walking, which helps... I also recommend if possible to swim on a regular basis.

  3. I don't know how you do what you do on such little sleep I would be soo ill form lack of sleep . I find this rainy dull weather and more darkness makes me feel sluggish like my get up and go got up and left lol ! Hope you get a good nights sleep soon ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. There is a lot of research showing that sleep deprivation affects your metabolic rate. People who only got five hours sleep a night in an experiment gained two pounds in a week. When sleep deprived, people eat less breakfast but more snacks. Lack of sleep slows the metabolism, causing the body to burn fewer calories. Apparently lack of slip has two effects on you. It gives you the munchies and makes you more likely to go for the high fat/sugar foods and it makes the impulse to eat stronger and the willpower to say no weaker. I have managed to lose 80lb and have been at my target for a year and strangely enough my terrible sleeping pattern is a lot better too! Love your blog btw x


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