Saturday, 25 October 2014

Not Feeling Much Like Doing ...

I broke down and took 3 little pills, all of a different variety, last night  which is a rarity for me, then had  asked Rob should he hear Portia through the night would he please take her out.  I awoke at a half descent time of 6 am, and really had slept the night away.  I had not even heard Rob take Portia out at 3 am.  Hooray !

My back and me certainly needed that, and truthfully I could have went back to bed to sleep more, however there were things to do and people to see.

While I did three loads of laundry, Rob, as the saying goes, "one more kick at the cat" by getting the lawn cut.  It had been pretty thick from all that rain we had last week.

We also made a trip into the Wiarton Home Building Centre to order some stainless steel liner for our outside chimney as we would like to get our downstairs woodstove hooked up and going again this Winter, as it had been in need of repair the past couple.  While there Rob picked out a Wheel Barrow to bring kindling and wood in from the shed when our indoor supply in the basement gets low.  I did not realize Wheel Barrows ran around the $70.00 mark and upwards, however dully noted it is a "Mark's Choice".  Wonder if Mark Cullen gets a cut for everyone sold?

We had Ivan over today, who is a stone mason.  The tile inside our chimney had broke, and they were putting r-bar down to break it up as it had been caught up in the chimney.  They did get it out, as well as Ivan's flashlight that had fallen down in too.  Now the chimney is clear the steel liner can be installed when it comes in.  Another big job.

I did take a moment to finally *smell the roses*, and admire the Monk's Hood in the unkempt gardens ... *hanging head in shame*.  Next Year I am NOT going to neglect my gardens as I have had so much joy and relaxation from them in years past.

Portia not only destroyed my Jabra Headset, yesterday she also chewed the hook from my new one.  How she managed to get it from where it was is beyond me.  My new place to re-charge is in the bathroom on the counter leaving the door closed behind me.  As you can tell from the dining/living room floors she keeps me quite busy cleaning up after her.  She is certainly a "fart in a wind storm" !

A couple of standouts of my day ... Bandit cuddling with me when I tried to lay down for a bit this afternoon, a text message from one of our Forever Home pup owners sending out an announcement from her put to everyone on her Facebook Page, and then a post I had came across on Facebook which made me think of my BFF Vicki, who not only has had Dachshunds most of her lifetime, but who is also short herself ... matches made in Heaven.

This evening I wasn't feeling much like doing a blog post.  I am so tired and really would appreciate some energy.

Tomorrow is Rob and my 18th Wedding Anniversary, and 20 Years to the day of our very first date.  After the way our morning began I had my concerns whether or not we would make it to tomorrow together ... but all is good now, and besides who else would put up with the two of us but each other?  Never mind on all the energy that would have to go into training another ... geesh that would really be work.

On that note I believe it is time to call it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. An early happy anniversary to you!

    That's probably the last lawn mowing of the year.

  2. Portia is definitely a busy doggie :) Happy Anniversary to both of you again and many-many more to come!!


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