Thursday, 9 October 2014

Home At Last

What a day behind me that was !!!  I just got home from a WDCC meeting 5 minutes ago and I am happy to be  home at last.

Sleep was not the best again last night, up with Portia at midnight.  I am not certain what is going on with her as she had been sleeping right through in her crate from the first day we had brought her home,  Hopefully it is just a little phase she is going through right now.

Rob and I were on the road on our way down between Hanover and Walkerton at 10 am this morning.  Back home after our mini trip there was time to re-coop, and have a bit of lunch before I headed on down to the Chamber Office prior to my 2:15 pm Doctor's appt..

At my Doctor's appointment, Dr. Diodati and I reviewed the Cymbalta meds he had prescribed for me to try for the Fibromyalgia.  There had been no changes with the medications so we discontinued them, and will try one more thing.  Also I will be going first for an x-ray on the same knee I had meniscus tear repairs on in January and November, 2012, as it has been giving me much grief with almost giving out on me at times going down the stairs in the mornings.

Next thing addressed was the severe pain I had been having in my lower back, running down into buttocks and hips.  This has been determined to be Sacroilitis, which you can learn more about by *clicking* HERE.

Dr. Diodati advised that I need to rest, pace myself, and I need to give something up.  I am to create a paced routine for myself with regular exercise and rest.  

Truly?  how am I am going to ever manage that prescribed routine in my Lifetime ????

I did mention to Rob, at some point today, about having to give something up.  He suggested Taxi paperwork, housework, or the Chamber.  I told him I had already given up on the housework as I never had time for that anymore, and never mind cooking or baking like I used to love doing.

What to do, what to do?  ... I have not a clue.

I left my Doctor's and headed back to the Chamber Office to a meeting with the Santa Claus Committee, getting back home just before 5 pm.  Yikes !  I had forgot my prescriptions and and had to go back downtown to the drug store to collect them.

Back home I pulled in the driveway to my sister, Donna's phone call.  When that was over with Rob pulled in after 5:30 pm, we spoke briefly and I headed on back to the Chamber Office for our monthly 6:00 pm meeting, which lasted until 8:20 pm..

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving Weekend in just a few short hours?  I do not want to believe it !!!!

Did I say I am glad to be home at last, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Something's going to have to give at some point- being in and out all day like that must take its toll.

  2. Sometimes we have to stop putting everyone else centre stage and put ourselves there instead. If you are in pain your sleep will be affected. If you don't sleep well then healing is slower. Could you drop the things that you don't enjoy or those things that take up too much time? If giving up is too hard maybe a temporary break from some of the duties. I'm smiling at the idea of a 'paced routine' That sounds pretty formidable to me! Happy Thanksgiving-it's not something we celebrate in England but I know that it is a very special celebration where you are. x

  3. Have a nice relaxing Thanksgiving Cindy if you can. HUG B


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