Monday, 13 October 2014

Good Thing I Didn't ....

It was a good thing I didn't have Turkey or I still would have been laid out on the couch, and believe me I was tired enough after the last couple of days.  Today seemed like another body "crash" day for me, except I never got to "crash".

Doug helped Rob with one of our vehicles before him & Vicki left for home this morning.  I picked some Parsley for Vicki and we exchanged some DVD movies.

There they go South down Hwy 6 towards their home.  Wonder if the weather will hold for them to come up for one more visit before the snow flies?

I think Rob & Doug, after having Motorcycles for many years, decided with the cost of insurance and muscle cramps, etc which come with age, that they might be giving up their Motorcycles.  For the amount of insurance we pay is surely was not worth the 3 times we got out this past Summer.  They both have older model motorcycles, and the insurance is high, I would hate to think what it would be with brand new motorcycles !

We had kept the Ham Bone, putting it on to simmer with carrots, onions, celery, bay leaves and the juices from it cooking in the Crock Pot yesterday.  We now have the stock sitting in the fridge waiting for me to skim off the fat tomorrow once it sets.  In the meantime I put the 9 Bean mixture to soaking in water until then.  Bean Soup for the rainy week ahead they are predicting.

This afternoon Rob had been called out a couple of times.  He also managed to tidy up the RV and off we went to Bluewater Park to empty out at the Dumping Station.  Portia kept me on my toes in and out all day long.  Really I still think I should have called her Piddler then Portia.

Bandit was a very dedicated Co-Pilot.  Sure glad on the way back to our home the traffic was heading South on their way home as it had been bumper to bumper.

I was very happy Doug and Vicki got to come for the weekend since the kids could not make it up this weekend.  Still .....

... I had a photo of them all, along with Mercedes, sent off to me !  Are they not the happiest cutest bunch of kids you have ever seen (other then of course your own).

Rob and I both started taking Diatomaceous Earth Grade today.  1 tbsp mixed into Yogurt.  You are also to drink lots of liquids daily when taking it.  Here is one site I googled about it if you *click* HERE.  Should anyone else think it is something they would like to try for themselves, please make sure you purchase the FOOD GRADE, and also do research and consult your own Doctor first, as I had.  My friend who recommended Rob, Bandit (benefits for pets) and I try it, also had done her own research first, telling me to do the same.  When I had consulted my Doctor last week, he had no problem with me going ahead on trying it, even though he is into the medical world rather then the homoeopathic medicines,  he still had an open mind about me trying it.

Tomorrow I have a dreadfully busy day mapped out in front of me beginning with a meeting at 9:30, 10:00 am, and again another at 6:00 pm.  In-between I must get the 3rd quarter on the Crabby Cabbie books no matter what !!!  Everything else will be on HOLD.

On that note I think I will finish off my decaffeinated coffee, head off to the shower, and then put my feet up the rest of the evening before bedtime, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Bandit must love the up high view from inside the RV.

  2. VERY cute kids lol!! I'm making soup out of my turkey carcass today - nothing but RAIN in the forecast! :(


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