Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Good Dogs

I was woken up around 2 am by Portia who needed to get outside.  Of course it had been pouring rain, but the bonus was she went right back to bed in her crate without a whimper.  I got back to sleep for another two hours before I woke again, thank goodness.

This morning Bandit, Portia and I were headed South on down the road to Mildmay Vet Clinic, as Portia was due for her final booster shot, and Bandit needed Revolution to clear up a mite/allergy situation that has not been so comfortable for him.

Bandit was co-pilot while Portia headed up the rear. 

Even though our vet is an hour drive away, it is still worth it, and besides we like going there and have been doing so the last 6 years.

I took them in one at a time.  Portia was kind of like, "Mom I don't want to be here", while Bandit was being a "cool dude" taking in his surroundings.

We have been getting Dr. Kim the past 3 times we have been in, which is nice having the same Vet.  Just like us having our own personal Doctor who we know on more a regular/personal basis.  Both had been very very "good dogs".  Portia had put on another 4 lbs, which I think she grew up upwards.

Our appointment had been at 11:20, but we never got in til about 12:00.  On the way back home we stopped in at the Life Mill in Hanover to get a Turkey for myself and my friend.  It had been about 2 pm by the time we arrived back home.

I went back out for a 5:30 pm Seminar being put on by the Wiarton Branch, RBC based on "Trips & Tricks" of travelling.  It had been a very interesting evening, and I learned a few things.  One very big thing I should have even thought of the 3 days I was gone last Year down to Nova Scotia that my OHIP insurance does not cover Out of Province, and I should have looked into having extra insurance.

RBC also offers a "lifetime" insurance Policy called, "Get Me Home", wherein should something happen to you while you are away they look after returning you home.  Not sure of all the details, however it sure sounded worth looking into to should you travel a lot.

I got home for the 2nd time today by 8 pm.  Needless to say I am tired and not too long away from hitting the "sack", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard


  1. I suspect dogs don't care for the rain, so of course Portia thought going back to bed would be the ideal thing that time of night.

  2. I would like to hear more traveling tips! I am lucky, my insurance covers anywhere in the US!


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