Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Breath of Fall

This morning did not start out the greatest however turned out extremely beautiful ....

Not long after I awoke at 5 am the stomach pains began.  Ever since I had my Gall Bladder out September 2nd, I have had more "gastric" attacks then I had my Gall Bladder attacks!  The pains get so severe in my rib cage my lungs feel compressed and I can barely breath, with the pain shooting up into my shoulders.

After 2 Tums, 2 Ovol, a can of Root Beer (if you can imagine at 6:30 am), and a call to my girlfriend (as one always needs someone to validate their pain and agony), then 2 cups of tea, I finally began to feel some relief.  I was in somewhat mild discomfort until early afternoon, but eventually it passed, thanks goodness !

Some have told me this is quite normal after having their Gall Bladder removed.  Rob tells me my body is adjusting to not having a Gall Bladder anymore to process foods, and the "gas" attacks will pass with time.

The Doctor, as in "specialist" General Surgeon, says there is another "part" which imitates a Gall Bladder attack and will be referring me back to Dr. Kahl should they continue.  Hm mm not certain if I care for more surgery at this point until I see if Rob is right and it does pass with time.

On that note, "time will tell".

In my travels today I took time to have myself  "a breath of Fall" ....

A perfect day for a walk or a drive in the countryside. 

This view stops me every time I pass by ... from a top the hill leading down into Hope Bay.

I absolutely had to stop to take in this residence obviously from days long gone by.  My imagination overtakes me as I wonder what stories its walls hold.

I could not resist stopping at Kribs Road to take in the view there.  The water seems to sooth the soul, does it not?

Almost back home I took a few moments to stop in to meet our new neighbours, just around the corner from us.  The Glen Miller Motel had sold and they were there giving it a much needed "face lift".  As it was the owners are originally from Kitchener.  I am very excited to see it nice, bright and hopefully soon to be busy, and its new name will be the "Peninsula Motel".

New business is always welcomed in a Community, and if it is not, then shame on those who do not welcome it.

No surprise by my breath of Fall is short lived as tomorrow I have a busy few days ahead of me with it being the end of the Month and my favourite Holiday "Halloween" ... Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. My mother had the same procedure done.

    Terrific views, but it's that pick up that draws my eyes!

  2. That view down into Hope Bay has always been one of my favourite views up the Peninsula!


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