Thursday, 29 May 2014

Puppies & Visits

My feet hit the floor at 5:30 am, and I just sat down 1/2 an hour ago.

What a way to begin my morning by seeing all this wonderful colour outside our patio door.  Little grumpy looking in the bottom photo is he not? or maybe a bit on the stern side?

I had a cuppa tea, updated Facebook pages, took care of all the Aussies, then loaded up ...

.... all "Extraordinary 8" puppies by 8:15 am, and picked up Shea Lynn by 8:30 am.  Down the road to the Mildmay Vet Clinic we headed (about an hour drive from here.).

Special Thanks to Shea Lynn (who is one of Rusty's Forever Owners) who helped me with last Year & this Year's litters.  It is so much fun having someone come along to take part in the helping out end of things.  This Year with this litter had been a breeze for Shea & I, as last Year they had been soaked and quite the mess by the time we had made it to the Vets.  We had looked like something the cat had pulled through a pig barn and dragged in last Year.
Not an accident or barely a whimper out of hardly a one the whole trip there and back.  What a lovely litter of puppies this one is.

First up was little Red Tri Girl, then Black Tri Boy, next Red Tri "Ace" & Blue Merle "Buddy".

 Blue Merle Girl "Blu" in the background, then Red Merle "Ruby", Blue Merle "Sully", then Red Tri Girl "Dakota.
As I said, we couldn't have had a better bunch of puppies to travel there and back.  Round trip it had been four hours.  I barely got home with the pups fed and watered when I had to head back out the door for a 11:45 am appt..  Back home again I had to have everyone out and about before taking off again to pickup Shea Lynn, after loading up the smallest & the largest of the pups for a visit to the Gateway Nursing Home.

No sooner in the door were we stopped NUMEROUS times.  Once we visited with everyone on the way to the Day Away Program, we finally made it up to see my Mom with the pups.  Between there and back we were still stopped many many times.  Who doesn't love seeing puppies !!!

I am pretty certain we could have spent the whole afternoon at Gateway Nursing Home with those 2 puppies!  this I know for a fact.

For the 2nd time today I dropped Shea-Lyn back at her home, deposited 2 very tired puppies with their litter mates, spend minimal time with the remainder of our brood before heading back out the door for the how many times this day ?????

I did eventually get back home about 6 pm, with Rob arriving shortly after with a Sub each for us.  We were eating on the "fly" again.  He is exhausted gone to lay down, while I think I will be finishing up here and attending to all our Aussies needs before I call it a night.

I had a very odd thing happen to me today.  Apparently I was blamed for something I had not done, other then ask someone where they had been located & since I was going right by there and they had not yet left, I would go ahead to do what they had already been asked to do.  Now how can someone be blamed for someone else when they had not carried through themselves?   this I will never understand how that might work.  *Shaking Head* I suppose I should not let my feelings be hurt so easily thinking I was so easy to be blamed for something I had not done, or rather that I had maybe done correctly.

Better to put such things behind me then to let such matters bother me I suppose.

Truly I am too busy to dwell on much these days.  I am beginning to wonder when will I ever get into my flower beds this Year, since I have already gave up the notion of putting in a Vegetable Garden, as I just could not stand the pressure of having it go to weeds on me due to lack of time.  Never mind the flower beds, as I have noticed the edging and trimming all need done too !!!

Oh woe is me, I do not have time to look forward to Winter coming this Year, as I am way too busy to even think about it never mind get everything done before Summer is upon us.  And to think I have another busy day looming ahead of me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Dwelling on things doesn't really lead anywhere.

    So much utter puppy cuteness, Cindy!

    And yes, that bird looks very stern!

  2. Glad all went well with the pups . Lovely photos . Oh my you wear me out just reading about your busy day lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and get some R&R , Glad you both are feeling better now !

  3. Love you visitor. Orioles are my second favourite bird, after the goldfinch. We get lots of goldfinches but the orioles seem to avoid our area, although we did see one early in the spring.
    I know how your trip to Gateway Haven would go, I have been at our local Senior's home when someone brought in a puppy and have seen the reaction. So nice of you to share their cuteness with the residents. Alice

  4. The puppies are getting so big!!!


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