Sunday, 11 May 2014

HAPPY Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day to each and everyone of YOU beautiful Mothers who is reading this right now.  I hope you all  had a WONDERFUL day for yourselves, as I know I did.

My day began with a couple text messages with photos attached ....

For those who can not see the "signs" some say, "Happy Grandma's Day", and some say, "Happy Grandma's Day Paulie's Mom".  From back to front, Chloe (10), Conner (6), Briar (7), Aiden (9)& Josh (13).  Liz's girls call me Grandma, or Paulie's Mom, as they call my Paul, "Paulie".  Too cute.  Liz & Paul had taken all five kids out on a nature hike yesterday, so I had 5 different photos sent to me from different locations each time.  Put a big *smile* on my face, that is still there.

I have lots of things that need doing around here, but this morning I thought I would leave Rob sleeping, call my friend, BJ, who I used to volunteer with at the VON Smart Exercise Program, and see if she was up for a walk.  She was so I went into town to her place and off we went.

It was an amazing day !  we walked at a brisk pace for about 1 hour, stopped to see Wiarton Willie who had been out, then for a coffee break at Northern Confections before heading back home.  It was until just after 2 hours later that I ended back at home (both BJ & I talk a lot to people along the way, and we also ran into another VON Smart buddy when we had been in for coffee).

On the way home I received a phone call from the couple in Thunder Bay who was interested in our last Red Tri female puppy.  They had discussed everything and were calling to confirm they were going to take her.  By the time I had got home there was another phone call from a lady who was in Wiarton visiting her Mother.  She came to see the very last Black Tri Male puppy, and he now has a new home in 4 weeks time too !  The "Extraordinary 8" 2014 Litter will all be going to their Forever Homes in 4 weeks time.  Wow !!!

I had spied some laminate flooring "on sale" in the Home Depot flyer that I wanted to check out for our bedroom.  After the lady for the pup had left, Rob and I headed out to Owen Sound.

The flooring? was very dark, and I am not going that route anymore as our main rooms have dark flooring and shows every little spot, which is not the best when you have pups.

We thought we would go up to see what the Restore had.  They had some beautiful "click flooring" but was one box short of what we would need to do our bedroom.  We checked out the rest of the store to find ...

We came across a 12 x 12 piece of brand new Berber carpeting at a price of .... ???? can you guess?  Then we headed home to stop at a lady's home where I had bought this Antique Lamp for our spare bedroom.  It is in "mint condition" for a price of ... can you guess?

If you guessed $50.00 for the Berber Carpet and $15.00 for the Lamp you guessed right.  I am very thrifty or frugal, or what my hubby calls me "cheap", so there is not too much as I want to pay top dollar for, as truly I do not have the income or budget to pay "top dollar" for much of anything.

We had to replace the battery in our car today, and I could not be thrifty about the price of that, as it was $100.00 bottom dollar at Walmart whether I wanted to pay that or not, we needed it.  There is also a gas line leaking a bit, so Wednesday it goes into our Mechanics.  Always something, is it not?

It was late afternoon when Rob and I got back home.  Rob made us a dinner of BBQ'd Prime Rib steak, French Green Beans and Baked Potato.  It was all very good.

Looking for a puppy and Semah update?  look no further then HERE.

It has been a good day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. What fabulous photos to wake up to! :) Sounds like a fabulous Mother's Day & I'm so happy that your puppies have all found their forever homes!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    Good news for the puppies!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your day. Love the signs!
    You are a good bargain shopper!

  4. The photos are fabulous! A lovely idea.
    Jane x

  5. I think our generation is the last to be "thrifty" Cindy. The youngers want it new and on credit.
    My car has a gas leak too. We can't see any drips, but when I FILL it, there is a strong odor. I think it might be on the fill pipe somewhere. Two other GM vehicles I've had had the same issue.
    Glad to hear you have found lovely homes for all of the doggies


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