Thursday, 22 May 2014

Done With That

All I can say is I am more then happy to be "done with that".  Preparation for a colonoscopy has been added to my I Would NOT Wish that on my Worse Enemy list.  Should anyone try to tell you that is is a breeze, run the other way as their nose will be growing and tripping you up as you try to run away.

By the time Rob collected me back from the Hospital at 10:30 am, after being there since 8 am, I was ready to come home and go back to bed.

I slept this afternoon, got up at 2:30 pm, showered and got ready to go attend the 2014 Town of South Bruce Peninsula Volunteer Awards.  It was a lovely evening, I had just wished I could have felt better to enjoy it more.

I am still stuffed up and can not hear out of my ears.  Needless to say I am ready for my bed AGAIN, and will have to recap my day with photos tomorrow, as at the moment my head feels like it might come detached from my shoulders.

I hate to admit this however since I have spend the last few days in bed, my bed was not made until today before I crawled back into it.  It really felt good crawling into a "made bed", and I do not know how I could stand it unmade for that long, other then I had been too sick to really care.

I am now concerned Rob is getting what I have, since he is freezing cold one moment, and burning up the next.  Praying it does not last as long with him should it set in with him.

Thank goodness Rob was home with me today, or otherwise I would not have managed the dogs by myself if he hadn't done it all for me today.  Thanks Honey.

On that note it is Good-night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I know it's rotten ,but it's over with...sleep well.
    Jane x

  2. I was under heavy anesthetics during mine . Glad that part is over now for you though now lets just hope you over get this rotten cold thing soon !

  3. Well, since you had it, it's inevitable that Rob will get the cold too.

  4. Keeping fingers crossed for some good results after all this torture...

  5. Oh so sad about Rob I gave it to My Hero too some things you don't want to share. Take care the hard part is over now. Hug B

  6. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, Cindy. My allergies have been h-e-double-toothpicks this year. Ugh. Sending good health vibes. *hugs*

  7. I have yet to have that "awesome" experience but I'm sure my day will come:( I've had a few sleepless nights however and can better understand what that's like. HORRIBLE!! Feel better soon!


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