Friday, 9 May 2014

An Early Mother's Day

I actually felt I could have slept the morning away this morning, but alas my dear Lexus demanded my attention at 5:30 am (they might be a little bit on the spoiled side at times in this respect).

Lots I needed to get done today as I thought this was the only day I would be able to stay home to do so at home.  After first thing in the morning usuals were out of the way, I thought if I did not go see my Mother today it might not happen until next week.  I stopped everything and headed out the door.

My Mother loves the colour red.  Her favourite flower is red glads, however the best I could do at this time of year was get her red carnations.  Carnations last the longest.  Mom loved both the card and flowers, and of course the visit.  The flowers below are what I had bought myself yesterday.  Who doesn't love fresh cut flowers to cheer them up on an otherwise gloomy day.

I told Mom I would be back up next week to have lunch with her, and maybe Aunt Gladys would come with me.  Mom was happy to hear this.  It has all been arranged for this to happen next Thursday.

Back home I got down to some cleaning, more like "picking up the chunks" is what I call it.  I have so much to do I would need more then a Month of Sundays to get it all done.

Today was very warm, almost balmy like with a High of 26*C.  It became overcast, dull and gloomy with rain by afternoon.  A good day to be inside doing chores.

Today was the day the "Extraordinary 8" litter began on solid foods.  You may have a peek of how that went by going HERE.  It all went rather smooth.

Even though I never got done what I wanted to accomplish, you can bet your bottom dollar I got some Crabby Cabbie and Chamber business squeezed into my day.

Tomorrow I have another busy day lined up.  The people who bought one of the pups, the Red Merle Female now named "Ruby", will be driving 4 hours one way to come see her, my BFF, who I have not seen for at least 15 years is coming to visit (I am so EXCITED), my Niece, Joanne, is coming to see the pups, and it just goes on from there with the day being spent before I know it.

Dinner this evening was easy.  Rob and I were both tired after the day we had yesterday, and him being still in much pain with his neck (noticed I didn't say in my "arce"?), so we ended up having Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for Dinner tonight.  Easy Peasy, right ?

Hopefully the rain will hold for the upcoming weekend with everyone able to enjoy a wonderful "Mother's Day" wherever you are, or whatever you are doing for that matter.  My friend, Pari and I will be taking in the movie "Heaven is Real".  I am looking forward to us going out for a "light" lunch and a Movie.

I was wondering today how I am ever going to find the time to get started on my flower beds, and have already decided I will not be putting in a vegetable garden this year, as I already have too much on my plate.  The only canning I want to do this year is to put down stewed tomatoes, so anything I need I am sure I can get at the Keady or St. Jacob's Markets.

For those of you who are in on the 52 Week Money Challenge with me, how are you all doing?  this week's contribution is $19.00.  Wow 19 weeks into the New Year already !!!

I am off to let my Aussies out, then call it a night myself, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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