Sunday, 25 May 2014

An Amazing Pot Luck

As soon as my feet hit the floor I was running this morning.  Today was the Pot Luck Luncheon for Cindy's Recipe Exchange members who signed on to get together today down at the Church Hall in Hepworth.

I had to get busy once I had first let out all the Aussies and tended to the puppies first.

I had to get going on making my Cheesy Black Bean Salsa Dip, then peel and assemble 2 dozen Devilled Eggs.  The Dip when pretty easy, then came the eggs which ended up being a disaster as the yolks had been circled in black, and I wasn't making them into anything that I would want to take anywhere.  I put on another dozen eggs to boil.  By this time it had been after 9 am, and I had to be down at the Church in Hepworth (20 min. drive) at 10:45 to meet the lady who was opening up for us.

I pulled it off getting them done and plated, then got my hair brushed, some lipstick on and a change of top before loading them into the Van.  Rob had everything else loaded already for me.  We had made it to the Hall 2 minutes later then anticipated. 

Regardless of the more then 1/2 persons who had "signed up" for the Pot Luck not showing up, we still had 17 people and it had been a great time with an amazing selection.

Three "hot" Crock Pot items

Salads, dips and goodies galore ... never mind what a nice hall it is with a huge kitchen for many to move around and prep in !

I am pretty certain everyone who had attended, or would like to think everyone who had attended, had a great time, as I surely enjoyed myself finding it to be an amazing pot luck.   Who doesn't LOVE good food and people who LOVE good food?  The nice thing about it was there was some new faces who hadn't been to the one we had last Fall.

There had not been enough people in attendance to cover the $50.00 donation for the Hall at $2.00 per person, but everyone was fantastic about chipping in a bit more each so I hadn't had to pay more out of pocket myself.  Very kind of everyone else to do so, and I surely appreciated the gesture.

Everyone there was "open" to having an Annual Pot Luck Luncheon for Cindy's Recipe Exchange, but I will put it out there to see if anyone would care to have one this Fall again.

Once Rob and I had gotten home, I had to wash up the mess I had left behind when running out the door, and look after all our Aussies.  I think after 3:30 pm I might have sat down and drifted off for about 1/2 hour or so.

Although I was still breaking out in a cold sweat this morning, I am still feeling much better although not yet 100% (my taste buds are still "off").  Rob is not doing too well at all, and I am thinking he should stay home in bed tomorrow to get a better handle on how he is feeling.

I am going to be taking care of some puppies and Aussie very shortly here then calling it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The food looks like it was delicious!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, and food looks delicious!

  3. such a shame there was some many people sick. food did look good though


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