Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WAY Too Pretty To Use !

I really wish I could say I slept last night, but that would be a big FAT LIE, and I really despise liars.  The odd "fiblet" okay, but an out and out big FAT LIE is totally unacceptable.  From Midnight on I laid there with a brain going 90 miles a hour.  The alarm rang at 5:30 with my "Crabby Cabbie" up, ready and out the door shortly after.  Sleep overcame me ... 6:15 the phone rang.  Jeez can a girl not get a little sleep around here ????

What I really have been enjoying, if not sleep, is the fact the days have become longer.  It is enjoyable.

"The snow hasn't really gone down too much considering today was a little milder then the past two."

"There she goes .... clear the track, here she comes."

"I cleaned out the bottom drawer of the Oven this morning."

Before I knew it, it was almost time to go meet up with my brother as we were heading on down to see Mother at Gateway Haven.  First we stopped to have a Tim Hortons coffee together which was a nice little treat.  I felt bad when we went to see Mom as we had somehow forgot to take her a Tim Hortons coffee along.

Walking down towards her room we can see her sitting in her chair, appearing to be sound asleep.  Ha after we had got ourselves comfortable she opened her eyes to realize we were there.  We had a few laughs together.  I had Mom pick out the colours of the new nighties I was going to order through the Sears Spring Catalogue for her.  After a time had gone by we said our goodbyes I dropped my brother off at his home, since his vehicle had been left at the mechanics, then headed on home myself.  

Yesterday I had received a pretty exciting phone, aside from the call from Sandi Richard, in consideration of the fact I had been waiting three weeks with doing without ....

".... good-bye old Fridgidaire & hello brand new Whirlpool."

"Isn't it pretty ...WAYYYY too Pretty to Use !"

I am so excited !  The oven is HUGE with three racks, one being a split rack.  Did I mention it was a convection?  I have missed my convection I had for 10 years that broke down 2 years ago.  So excited I can't recall all the wonderful things I want to make.  Okay relax, breathe, and think about it sloooooowly .... apple pie, chocolate cake, apple muffins, lemon cookies, orange cookies, cookies, and more cookies.  The possibilities are endless, are the not.

Did I mention how excited I am????  Hehehehe ....

Now I need to find time to bake all the wonderful things I am looking forward to making.  I have been so busy this week my head is spinning.  Another two full busy days ahead with company arriving this weekend and no time to even clean the house.  How am I ever going to manage?  I do not have a clue. It will go forward, as I can't see time stopping or going in reverse.

Oh yeah, I still have to find somewhere to put all the stuff I had taken out of the old stove's bottom drawer, as only a select few fit in the warming tray in the bottom of the new stove.

Oh the "other" exciting event that took place today can be found by *clicking* HERE.

My "Crabby Cabbie" is just now home with me needing to think about our supper.  Wish me sleep tonight as this is what I really need, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wow Love the new stove. Are you excited?? lol Sure wish you could get a goodnight's sleep. I feel your pain as I usual only get maybe one night's sleep in a week or two and only then cause I mix up my meds accidently. Love the puppies and am following their progress. Take care. Heathen Woman

  2. Woohoo!!! It looks fabulous, Cindy!!! Happy baking!! :)

  3. It's a beautiful stove....HAPPY COOKING.....Yipee!!
    Thanks for the info on Toronto today.


  4. This is one sleek oven! Can't wait to see what goodies you are going to make in it! Right after you get some sleep tonight :)

  5. I wish I had an awesome oven like that!

    1. Two years of saving money from pickles I made and sold contributed to it, Natalie, along with the sale of my old oven.

    2. I too wish for a new oven. But as long as this one bakes 20 degrees lower I guess I'm stuck with it. Lucky you!!

  6. You can't cook on it! You can't dirty it - ever!

    Reminds me of my new cooker (three years ago) and it was the first brand new cooker I'd ever had. It was nicknamed 'Shiny shiny' and when I walked into the electrical showrooms and saw it, angels sang. It is no longer shiny and the oven... meh. Disgraceful. But Mr G has told me that a dirty oven isn't an acceptable reason to buy a new one ;-)

  7. I do wish you sleep tonight! So pleased you're so happy with you're oven. I had a new iron arrive a few days ago and I was equally over the moon since my last one had been leaking everywhere. x

    1. 3 am this morning, was much better them 12 or 1 am. Thanks Em. It is good little things make us happy. x

  8. Oh I am so excited for you. My oven is dying and I am still looking for a stove. That is a beauty.
    I have not been sleeping either on the bright side now you can get up and bake cookies:)
    I love hearing about time with your Mom I understand this one. Hug B

  9. Congrats!!!! I know you will put that fancy new stove to good use!!

  10. I'm dealing with a nasty cold at the moment, so I haven't been sleeping well. I was awake numerous times in the night last night, having had gone to bed around quarter after eight (can't recall the last time I've done that). At least the chest congestion seems to be gone.

  11. What a beautiful range! I remember how excited I was when I got my new one last year! I will be looking forward to seeing the goodies you make in that gorgeous oven:)

  12. nice oven..i used to work for whirlpool and it is a great company with great products! happy cooking!
    aimee from craftmates


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