Friday, 8 March 2013

Catch Up Party

This morning there was lots to get done before my ride picked me up at 8:00 am.  My friend, Koreen Ryan of Ram Trophies & Sports in Wiarton, and I were heading North of the Checkerboard to Tobermory.

Why would we be heading North of the Checkerboard early on a Friday morning?  That would be because Explore the Bruce was holding a "Catch Up Party" for all interested parties, mostly consisting of Small Business Owners, to attend.

Who is Explore the Bruce?  Well they are an amazing Bruce County organization who promotes our lovely County of Bruce and all things "tourism" in the county to make us attractable to the whole World, is who they are, .  Since I am a Bruce County gal through and through, I personally think Bruce County is already pretty attractive and amazing, however Explore the Bruce points out each and every little wonderful detail about what our County has to offer.  I might add, personally I think the Explore the Bruce Team does a wonderful job doing this.

Who would be the Explore the Bruce Team?  This would be Kim Clarke, Tourism Manager, Jess McGarry and Lisa Greig, Information Officers, and Vicki Ly, Project Coordinator.  At present there is a position waiting to be filled for Web Design & Content.  Again my personal opinion on meeting and speaking with each of the Team is that they are well learned in what they represent, and all very approachable and pleasant.

I can not express enough how much Explore the Bruce contributes to Bruce County Tourism and each and every community within the County.

It was a beautiful morning for the drive up to Tobermory.  Koreen and I were unsure as to where the meeting was being held, as neither of us two busy gals looked at the agenda for the location.  Koreen had said there was no worry as we would be sure to spot the Explore the Bruce truck without a problem.

"As you can tell by this photo, of course it was not difficult to see the truck parked in front of the Tobermory Chamber of Commerce building.  Just inside the door all the Bruce County "tour" pamphlets, such as Adventure Passports, Lighthouse Tours, and Paddling Tours were laid out for the participants.  There had also been a beautiful breakfast buffet of homemade sweets and treats by Local Bakery, Harvest Moon."

I actually had the pleasure of meeting one of the Harvest Moon's owners, who is Christina.  Anyone who knows me would know I would not miss out on the opportunity of meeting someone who makes Sticky Buns that melt in your mouth.  Again nobody would be surprised should I say I asked Christina if I could call and drop in sometime to visit with them at their Harvest Moon Bakery to blog about it.  I am looking forward to it, with high hopes there will be Sticky Buns !

There was some very nice connections this morning, meeting up with a couple of other Small Business Owners who I already knew, and then a couple I had the pleasure of meeting.

"Things did get off to a start with the Agenda at hand."

The whole morning had been extremely interesting with lots of upcoming promotions in specific areas being put in place by the Explore the Bruce Team in 2013.

The Explore the Bruce Goal is to encourage visitors to stay longer, which in turn will increase spending with our locals within Bruce County.

Just a few points I picked up on what will be "featured" this Year:

Planning & Development

- Kiosks strategically placed along the Saugeen River letting water sport enthusiasts know what is beyond that point in the way of local attractions, eateries, etc;

- Lake Huron Top Beaches will be featured.  Seven Beaches and towns will be featured in Videos;
- A new Fall Campaign will be put into place;

- Year Round Activities will be "highlighted", ie Winter Camping/Hiking;

- Farm Tour:  A two day tour in June;

- Local Food Tour:  Reconnecting people with Heritage Rural Country Roots;

- Trail Brochures:  New signage denoting parking, washrooms, maps, best access points to the Bruce Trail;

- Promotion of Georgian Bay as an International Icon

FACT:  Winter Camping at MacGregor Point's Yurts are booked every weekend, with Seasonal Camping Available all year round.

2013 Adventure Passport

- a new Wiarton Willie Walkabout has been added as one of the 12 Passport Stops
- June 8th, Adventure Passport Launch Party with EVERYONE invited.

FACT:  6,865 people participated in the 2012 Adventure Passport

Spruce the Bruce Program:

- promotes Downtown Development and Community Improvements with a 50% Funding Dollar for Dollar match

- learn more about this program by *clicking* HERE.

How Local Business Can Help?

- certify your staff on what is happening in your local of Bruce County

There had also been two representatives there for RT07 speaking on Funding and Grants available to Small Businesses in all areas from advertising to how to put themselves on the Bruce County map within their community. For further information on this, please contact the Explore the Bruce offices at 1-800-268-3838, and they will direct you to the source for these.

With Rob now having his own Small Business, The "Crabby Cabbie", I found this Explore the Bruce Catch Up Party to be very beneficial in future vision of tourism within our Communities, and gave more knowledge of some important connections.

Regardless, even if Rob did not have the "Crabby Cabbie" I feel I have always been about supporting our County and its communities, as this is how it should be to support the place you call HOME and hang your hat?

Again, thank you Explore the Bruce Team for being such gracious hosts, and thank you to my friend, Koreen for driving us up there as the company was most pleasant as always.

Koreen didn't drop me off back home until after the lunch hour, where I had to get busy letting Aussies out, about and in, as well as feeding four hungry little mouths.  There is always one escape artist who is first to figure out how to get over the sides of the whelping box.  Today it was to be with it being ...

"Our little girl, Bindi, who is actually the biggest of the Fabulous Four.  She will probably be even bigger now she has learned to do this since she has had Mama Lexus all to herself for a time today."

It has been a very very busy week this week for me.  I really have not done anything in the way of anything that needed done around the house ... shame on me, but what does a gal do when there are more pressing matters then housework in her life, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh that's great you got a chance to meet some people and help support your community ! Last time I was in Tobermory was back in 1986 when I went up to take my open water scuba diving test and stayed at a lovely little B&B . I bet that little town has grown quite a lot now ! Thanks for sharing all you have been doing with and for your community very interesting ! Have a good evening !

  2. Sounds like you had a fun morning! What a scamp little Bindi is! I bet her little tummy was nice and round!

  3. What a busy Saturday. You are becoming quite the ambassador for Bruce county!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  4. This is GREAT to see the many ways the Bruce County is being promoted. I have been visiting the area from southern Ontario for 42 years now, proudly bringing my children to stay 5 weeks out of the summer and a week in the fall, and though I know the area like the back of my hand, seeing and hearing about all the ways the area is being displayed comes with great pleasure! Tobermory is beautiful, had some of the best white fish there this summer. Thanks for all you do Cindy! And for sharing your lovely places to explore in the Bruce!

  5. p.s. those pups are growing so fast and are GORGEOUS! :)

  6. It's been far too long since I've been up there. I really must remedy that.

    Have the towns up there considered the Doors Open program, by chance? It's a wonderful way to get people exploring buildings and places they might not get access to, and quite a lot of towns in the province are getting into it.


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