Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Very Lazy Day

Sundays are meant to be lazy days, are they not?  Oh well if they are not this is too bad as I am pretty sure I just had myself one.  It doesn't always have to be a Sunday for me to feel lazy, especially when I have been awake and up a few mornings in a row before the hour of 5:00 am.

"The Fabulous Four are on the "move" very early in the mornings. On the move and very saucy with all the growling going on.  How they have grown, now at 4 weeks old."

Rob got up just after 9 am.  After he had himself a coffee, downtown we headed to get a couple errands done.  Banking, posting a letter and stopping at the grocery store for a couple things.  Once we got home I made us a brunch of scrambled eggs, home fries, crispy bacon and toast.

After cleaning up I thought I would try and comb out Bandit a bit, but the phone began ringing at the same time.  I answered the phone while trying to budge Bandit from his chair so I could comb and talk at the same time.  Multi-task I am always trying to juggle doing.

"It just wasn't going to happen.  Needless to say he was let "off the hook" today."

Rob headed back to bed this afternoon.  I headed downstairs to clip Lexus' toenails then took everyone out, about and in before settling myself down on the couch.  I am certain I could have drifted off but somehow managed to stay awake.

I motivated myself around 5 pm to get vegetables ready and set on to cook for our Dinner, and again had an outing with the "gang".  Dinner I had put it all in the Slow Cooker around the lunch hour.

"Four turkey thighs set on top of carrots in the Slow Cooker with a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash's Herb and Garlic mixed in with a bit of Chicken Bouillon."

"By 6:00 pm we were enjoying our Dinner served alongside boiled Russet potatoes, carrots and creamed peas.  Very good it all was."

There is enough leftover Turkey to make a real nice soup for our Dinner tomorrow night.  I like when that happens.

Dishes rinsed and piled by the sink read to be washed.  Buddy still needing out for his walk before bedtime.  I think I will head off to get these two things accomplished then call it a night, as I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. Love the fab four pics! Super cute. So is Bandit!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  2. Cute pups ! You have been a busy person today ! Have a good evening and get some R&R !

  3. Oh now I want to cook turkey for my Mom:) B

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Your puppies are real cuties!
    Thank you for stopping by and for following too. You have a lovely site.
    That is one delicious looking dinner!
    I'm happy to be your newest follower!
    Have a great week!

  5. Hi Cindy. I have just popped over from Em's post to read yours and to drool over those gorgeous pups. Canada is our favourite country in the whole world and we have spent many very happy holidays there. Those turkey thighs look remendous too. I shall call again to see what food is on offer.

  6. The turkey thighs looks delicious. Would you mind sharing how you browned them and how long on low/high they were in the slow cooker?

    The pups get cuter every day : )


    1. Oh Christine, the Turkey Thighs browned themselves with having the rub on them. I mixed 2 tsp of Mrs. Dash Herb & Garlic with 1 tsp. of Chicken Bouillon and sprinkled each thigh. I added no water as the two thighs on the bottom, sitting a top the carrots, had been partially frozen with the two on top fresh. The slow cooker was set on HIGH setting for approx. 6 hours (every slow cooker varies in their heat & settings I find). Hope this helps.

  7. Oh, I just want to play with those puppies! Sundays are definitive lazy days. This past Sunday I didn't get out of bed until almost 9 AM. Yikes.

    I read the post about your car accident but didn't get a chance to comment. The details that you remember--wow. Makes it seem like it just happened. Sounded very scary. I'm glad you and your friend are ok.

    Thank you for linking this week. The golden brown skin looks fantastic. I didn't know you could get that kind of color in a slow cooker!

  8. Just look at those little darlings. I just want to gather them up and cuddle them. Will it be hard to say goodbye to them?


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