Tuesday 21 April 2015

Thank God ...

Thank God I have bad luck, otherwise there are days I would have no luck at all.

First off my day began before 5:30 am, as I am certain I barely slept again all night due to shoulder blade, arm and neck pains.  Then for some reason or another Buddy decided he would like out an hour earlier this morning.

At 5:30 am the frogs and birds were chirping like crazy out in the fields and bush.  It is quite the chorus they have going on first thing.

I kept going once I was up, as what else is a girl to do.  I also had to run to town this morning as my new prescription glasses were ready to be picked up.  My prescription had not changed any, however I figured I needed new frames after having the ones I have had for over 4 years.

I like them as the black frame will go with anything.  For $369.00 I guess I better like them, and just think $69.00 was only the cost of the frames !

I could not believe how good my bad luck was today, as just before I had left to go out anywhere this morning, I bent over to put a collar on Portia and a muscle pulled in my lower left side of my back.  I have been barely been able to sit, or get back up to stand, without excruciating pain.  I know many know how that feels !

Nothing like having two days forward only to be set back two more.  Yes my good bad luck coming full circle again.

Rob was back home for lunch today.  Poor guy can't even have a snack without being begrudged ....

Yes two very well behaved intense Aussies looking on when there is food involved.

Needless to say not much got done in the housework department today, with the whole of my afternoon spent on the couch with the heating pad applied to my backside.

I am going to turn that heating back on very shortly here again while I watch who gets eliminated from The "Voice" on tonight's episode, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. onwards and upwards as they say. It could be worse though, it could have snowed today as well!!!

  2. Love the glasses! Portia looks so big in this picture.

  3. Like your new glasses they look good , I do hope you feel better soon Just a thought have all your hormone levels checked I did and that what was causing all my health problems of my body and lack of sleep oh and your B12 levels to I am seeing a hormone specialist a Endocrinologist now . . Take care and have a good day !

  4. I think it's criminal what they charge us for glasses, hearing aids and dental work. It's not like they are optional health care expenses or anything.
    I REALLY like your new glasses.

  5. The heat helps when I've had that happen from time to time.


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