Saturday, 25 April 2015

Another Big Item Is Off The List

Today I thought I was going to be tackling housework, but once again that got put on the back burner as a bigger project took place, and I was the gopher with at least two trips to the Wiarton Home Building Centre.

This is the view outside our bedroom window.  Yep, there is no window there !  as the window Rob custom ordered from the Wiarton Home Building Centre arrived yesterday, and today was the day the old one came out and the new one was going in.  Rob said we replaced it in time before the water backing in under the sill rotted the wood it had been framed in to.  Check out all the yucky dead flies that had been getting in underneath.  There had been one little strip of insulation along the bottom of the old window, that you could have spit through.  

Of course my Rob had lots of Aussie doggies helping with the window installation, while he was working like a dog, and one even took advantage of the open view.


Our brand new Energy Star double hung window is installed, with just the trim needing replaced.

If nothing else got done today I am okay with that as another big item is off the list.

This afternoon Rob and I headed over to Owen Sound as he had to go on a call.  While we were over there we went into Sears to finish off outfitting Rob for the Wedding.  He got a really nice pair of shoes for 40% off, and dress socks. It cost more to outfit him then me, but then again I had a shawl and evening bag lent to me that I didn't have to buy which helped.

We didn't get back from Owen Sound until after 5 pm.  I decided I needed to get back out for a walk, as I want to keep the momentum going now I have started, and it was a beautiful day out there today.

I had called my friend, Lynn, who was available to go along with Buddy & I.  We did a good walk, and we managed to poop our energetic Buddy out.  I broke my walking goal of 10,000 steps today by completing 11,868 steps !  Holy moly I haven't done that many since before my knee surgeries, and I am very pleased with myself.

Exercise is a great stress and depression reliever, it is just getting yourself to push and get at it.  I sure hope I am able to keep at it regardless of what is going on in my life.  My health is more important then housework at the moment, so one thing at a time ....

It has been a good day, and hopefully I will sleep fitfully this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. good for you, and you'll appreciate that new window come Winter.

  2. I can definitely see how the dogs would be fascinated by that sort of work!

  3. That view outside your bedroom window really is worth framing. Smart to order a custom window from the Wiarton Home Building Centre. They are really reliable. Nice that you got such a big job done in one day. In addition to the dogs, looks like the weather also complied with the job.

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions


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