Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Muskrat Love & Busy As A Beaver

The Ruby Red-breasts of the Robins are out in abundance now ... here's looking at you !

Rob went back to our fields today to check out why the water was not going down from our fields, since he had the one plugged culvert removed last week.

The water appeared to be running at the spot where the culvert had been removed, however down the drainage ditch heading straight up from our bush was high and flooding.

Remember Captain & Tennille's  "Muskrat Love" ?

Yes there has been some Muskrat Love going on at our property.  Muskrat houses are made from grasses as you can see pictured below.

Then he came across one huge damn Beaver dam, along with many felled trees at our bush line.

The Beavers also have clogged up the culvert at our neighbours, making a Dam there.  They are persistent buggers, this is for sure and doing a good job of flooding us both out.  We are hoping our hay field hasn't been too damaged, and our neighbour's pond starts going down once his culvert and Beaver has been removed.

You can tear apart a Beaver's Damn only to have it built back up by the next day.  This is truly amazing making it the saying, "Busy as a Beaver" quite the reality.

For some more information on Muskrats, please *click* HERE, and for Beavers, please *click* HERE.

I just arrived back home from a meeting about 15 minutes ago.  I need to take care of Portia and Bandit before evening thinking about bed.  Rob has looked after Lexus and Buddy for the night now and has left out on a call.

I feel a headache coming on which I suspect is the beginning of the weather changing up soon, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hope your headache has gone? Looking like another lovely day today. Those pesky little beggars blocking everything up.....certainly keeps everyone busy trying to sort out the mess.

  2. That's going to be a problem, unless one can find a way to make the problem work for you.


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