Wednesday 22 April 2015

Happy Earth Day 2015

Is it not wonderful to breath in the air and the wind knowing we somehow contributed to its wellness, in turn giving us wellness?  How do you contribute to our Earth?

I try to recycle what I can, never throw garbage refuse anywhere then where it should go, plant flowers to attract butterflies and bees, grow a veggie garden with no pesticides, and more I am sure if I stopped to think about it a little longer.

In this "throw away" World we now live in, it is more and more difficult I am sure to keep our landfills from filling up quicker then they should.  I vote we bring back appliances, as one example, that last longer then 5 to 8 years, like when I was growing up.

I suppose with higher populations they decided more jobs would be created if things wore out faster then they used to?  and who is someone like little old me to change that up, but it does upset me that MORE THEN A LOT of our industry has moved down to Mexico.  And again, what is to be done about it now ... nothing.

Ooopsie didn't mean to make Earth Day celebration into an Economic rant.

My friend, Abby & I had made plans to meet up for lunch over a week ago.  Today was the day, and of course she wanted to go to the Green Door Cafe, so that is where we met up at 11:30 am.

Lunch was awesome and we got to chit chat until almost 1 pm !!  it was long overdue for us to get together.  Can't wait until the Wiarton Farmer's Market begins then I will see her every week there.

When I got back home my poor tired Rob was sound of sleep on the couch.  I was happy he got a couple hours sleep before he had to go back out this afternoon.

The ice has been out of Colpoy's Bay since last week when we had the warm spell.  The weather has been erratic with bouts of swirling snow and rain.  Nothing in the way of snow that will stay.

Driving down by the bay I couldn't help but think it won't be long the sailboats at the Wiarton Marina will be back in the bay.

Rob and I went over to Sears this evening.  They had 40% off men's dress wear.  He bought a suit jacket, slacks, 2 short sleeve shirts, a tie and new belt for the upcoming wedding.  He still needs shoes and dress sock before he is totally outfitted.  I must say he looks pretty dapper when cleaned up.

Photos to follow tomorrow, as at the moment I am tired, he is tired, and we will not be far from our bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I must say the old ogre looked mighty smart all dressed up!

  2. got to love Sears for their good sales. He's going to be a smart boy on the day!

  3. I've noticed the ice is now clear out of the lake portion of the Rideau Canal here in the city. Though I still saw a bit of snow in a place with a lot of shadow today.

  4. Happy earth day to you too! I spend a LOT of time recycling and taking stuff to the recycling centre and then I see a pile of rubbish that someone's dumped by the roadside and wonder why I bothered! It;s so sad isn't it? xx

  5. I must say I really like Abby's sweater! I plan to plant lots of flowers and shrubs for the bees at the trailer this year. Those poor bees need all the help they can get!


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