Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ontario Bloggers DAY !!!

I am so excited today, as I am hosting a very "first to me" Ontario Blogger's Day, this very day right NOW !!!

In the past almost two years I have been blogging my every day journal I have learned so very MUCH, from having the privilege of reading posts put out by other fellow bloggers from all over the World.

Blogging for me has really opened up the World, with meeting so many wonderful new friends along the way.  This day I decided I would like to recognize Ontario Bloggers, as myself, who are scattered about this Province I have lived my whole life in.  Before I introduce those who have joined me here this day, let me tell you a little more about where I live, even though most of you know it is "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Should anyone be a long time visitor to the Bruce Peninsula, they might know what "North of the Checkerboard" means ... you do not know?  Just *click* HERE for the best explanation going in my "Neck of the Woods".  Not to many months ago Wiarton had been renamed the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, but for many of us we will always be Wiarton.

What has put Wiarton on the Map of Ontario to make it "shine" every February 2nd?  Let me tell you, should you not have already met the little guy respsonsible .....

"Pleased to introduce to you "Wiarton Willie" up close and personal."

"Wiarton Willie even has his own "digs" down in Wiarton's Blue Water Park.  Check out the view he has ... worth a million words that view is.  This is where Ground Hog Day in Wiarton with Wiarton's Star resident, Wiarton Willie,  happens every year down in Wiarton's Bluewater Park."

"You also will find in the Park a Monument in Memory of all the Willies who made Wiarton Proud since 1956."

"Should you drive through our little town you will see it is all geared and ready to go for the big day this February 2nd, 2013."

"Each Storefront has decorated in preparation of the upcoming Celebrations."

Celebrations are plentiful in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula on the Groundhog Day Weekend.  Want to find out more about all the fun?  you can find all about it since Wiarton Willie has his very own Town Page, so please do so by *clicking* HERE.  

There is much more to where I live, as most who follow my blog have seen in many of my posts.  Bruce County is a wonderful county, with almost everything about found by exploring yourself through the Explore the Bruce's website by *clicking* HERE.

Psst ... thinking on coming up to the Town of South Bruce Peninsula for a whole wonderful Weekend of some Wiarton Willie fun? well I just happen to have an "in" on where you can get yourself "hooked up" with some Official Wiarton Willie Gear.

"Head on towards the North end of  Wiarton where on your left you will see Ram Trophies & Sportwear.  See that lovely lady in the photo? that would be Proprietor Koreen Ryan, who would love to "gear" you up for all your Wiarton Willie needs, or otherwise, as she has some pretty cool "outerwear" in stock that just might suit your excellent tastes."

And that folks is a little bit of History about what put Wiarton on the Ontario Map.

Only a short while ago I did a SHOUT OUT should anyone be interested in a Ontario Bloggers Day.  I was amazed at the wonderful response I received.  Many of the following I have known for some time, who I now feel I have a special bond with, and others I have now just recently had the pleasure of meeting.

We all having something to bring to the "Plate of Life" and I am proud to introduce you to some Ontario Blogger's who bring a little bit of something themselves, contributed through their personal blogs..  Take a minute to *click* on each highlighted link beside their names, as you will also be taken into a very wonderful World, as I have been myself, through the eyes of some very talented and giving of themselves "Ontario Bloggers " ....

Virna, Aimee, Irma & Bebsy ~ The Craftmates

Kevin ~ Closet Cooking

Carla ~ My 1/2 Dozen Daily

Gill ~ That British Woman

Cathy ~ life on the muskoka river

Karen ~ Living In My Valley


Chris ~ Chris Knits in Niagara

Paula ~ At Home With Us

Janet ~ Homemade Simply

1) Heritage Farmgirl ~ the farmgirl files
2) Farm Girl ~ one simple farm girl 2  
(1 & 2: The same Farm Girl with 2 different great blogs).

Eboo ~ My Life Journey 


Connie ~ A Simple Frugal Life in Retirement

Deb ~ Just Cats

Elaine ~ Our Country Cove Crew

Buttons ~ Buttons Thoughts

Bandit, Lexus, Buddy & Missy Mercedes 
(along with their Ghost Writer) ~ The "Checkerboard Aussies"

To each Ontario Blogger who has participated I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am that each of you were here to partake in such an amazing day of coming together.  Please each take the time to introduce each of yourselves to the other, hopefully even "joining as a follower" on the blog  as a gesture of your support.

I truly do enjoy what each and everyone had to contribute to this day, and I am looking forward to hosting another Ontario Blogger's Day sometime again in the near future.

Celebrate Ontario with  Ontario Tshirts by Zazzle

Remember when stopping in to visit at anyone's blog, "take what you will from it and leave the rest", as an individual's blog post is their own personal journey, not to be judged or criticized by another.

Until we meet again, I am off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. thanks for linking every one, will pop by and visit them all,


  2. Happy "Ontario Blogger day"!! Your linked list of fellow bloggers looks like some interesting reading! Will check them out! :)

  3. This has been fun Cindy and I am sure new friends made. It is nice to see ones from all over Ontario and yet we can all relate to where each other live. Just a little note: the farmgirl
    files and one simple farmgirl are both me. One is my files of budgeting/planning and simple farmgirl is just everyday fun. Thank-you from dairy country, on the farm.

  4. Great Blog as always! Thanks for the North of the Checkerboard link, as I was unsure of what that was all about!

  5. I'm from North Idaho a long ways and live in a small community and I tried to find bloggers from my neck of the luck at this point....I don't why but it does look like fun thing to have a day of blogging from your neighbors..Coffee is on.

  6. Oh this is amazing I am so looking forward to reading more Ontario bloggers post. I already follow a few of these Ontario Bloggers and this is so nice that you did this. It is a great way to get to know each other.
    I really want to go see Wiarton Willie and friends someday.
    You live in a beautiful place.
    Thank you so much for including me in this special day. I am off to visit now. B

  7. Very fun to read the other bloggers today.

  8. I broke my arm on Groundhog day...does this mean that spring will arrive early?
    Jane x
    PS Thanks for doing this,I have my day cut out tomorrow,visiting everyone in Ontario.

  9. Oh this is so exciting Cindy! Thanks lots for organizing this. It was so fun visiting all these fabulous blogs. -Irma


    I finally have an Ontario blogger post up for today. It's been a bit crazy. Hopefully tomorrow I can check out everyone else. I can't wait to meet all of you.

  11. Today, of all days, I wasn't able to prepare a post. Drama continues with DD's FIL, and although I didn't allow myself to be drawn in today, I was with DD to support her and the GK's while her DH is away on a business trip. I look forward to visiting all the links tomorrow. :)

  12. Wonderful!! I can't wait to "meet" some new bloggers! Thanks for putting the time into this Cindy! I'm sure we'll find more as we go along! I think I have a few Ontario bloggers on my blogroll as well that could be added next time! Thanks so much for including me, Cindy!! :)

  13. Loving the Bruce and Wiarton Willie! More to the point, love your enthuasiastic take on life and absolutely love your Ontario Blogging Day! What a fabulous idea, Cindy! You are a bright light in the blogosphere! I'll be doing most of my Ontario-blog-hopping tomorrow morning as it's late and my eyes are like mere slits. Looking forward to visiting everyone on your list! YOU ROCK!

  14. Hey Cindy ,since I was awake at4am this decided to check out some of the other bloggers on your site and must say that I really enjoy reading about their lives!

  15. Thanks for hosting a Ontario Blogger day - such a great idea. It was fun reading other's blogs. I've been a few hike trips in your area with my Bruce Trail Hiking Buddies. Such a beautiful part of Ontario !

  16. I am going to continue the blog hopping in a bit. Thanks for hosting!
    Aimee from Craftmates

    1. p.s. i love the town mascot ;)

  17. Just got passe don to your blog! Great round up - I'm also in Ontario and will now be following you =)

  18. What a great list of Ontario bloggers!

  19. I'm an Ontario blogger too, eastern Ontario. I think if I've ever been in Wiarton, it would have been as a child.

    That pic of Willie, he looks fierce. As if he's thinking, "once I get out of here, I'll kill you all..."

  20. I was away yesterday but thank you for including me in your Ontario bloggers post. I will drop by to meet everyone this weekend. Deb

  21. Ontario Bloggers Day...what a great idea. Checking in from SouthWestern Ontario.

  22. so great to have found another blogger from Bruce County!!( I am on the southern end)
    I spent many summers at my parents properties near Johnson's Harbour and Cape Chin, wonderful snake filled memories.These days I usually get up " north of the checkerboard" to visit clients( I co-ordinate perinatal nutrition programs for the Public Health agency of Canada) and hike in the summer. Look forward to following life in your end of our large county!

  23. What a great idea! I am so sorry I missed this. ( just like me..a day late and a dollar short!). I am an Ontario blogger as well! I am off to read everyone's blogs

  24. I am an Ontario blogger too, Halton Region. While we live in Halton much of our family (and retirement plans) are in Grey County. I found my way here from Chania's Razmataz. I'm now following.


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