Thursday, 24 January 2013

Captured By Chocolate & Pastries

Hello Sunshine, I am so happy to finally see you again, after what has seemed like a very very long time.  Now that I have cleaned well over a foot of snow from my vehicle, I will let you, hopefully work its magic, by melting the remainder of it.  I think I still might be dreaming a wee bit here, as the temperatures are still well below the freezing mark.

Today I am extremely pleased to have a Guest here on "North of Wiarton" who just happens to be one of many of Bruce County's local talents.  Cathy is a wonderful lady I had the pleasure of meeting last Summer at the Canada Day Festivities down in Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  Please take a moment to drop in for a read at that post by going HERE.

Cathy, welcome to "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".  Please read on to find out how Cathy was "captured by chocolate & pastries".

My name is Cathy Kuepfer, and in the summer of 2011, I found myself at loose ends after working as a chocolatier for the past 11 years. I floated through the summer, watching the job postings, but not really sure what it was that I wanted to do. Nothing that came up really clicked with me, or for me. At 62, it's not easy changing careers, and there's not a huge market for a chocolatier in small town Midwestern Ontario.  My other previous work experience was daycare and I although I love children, after 30 years in that field; I had felt burnt out and in need of a change.

Then in early fall of that year, I found two challenges, that helped me realize what I would enjoy doing! First, I had discovered some yummy Black Forest cheesecake tarts at the Mariposa Market in Orillia! I fell in love with them, and decided to try to replicate them since I don’t get to downtown Orillia very often. I managed to come up with a tart that was very similar, and that my family and friends really enjoyed. One of my friends doesn’t like cherry, so I also came up with a blueberry version.

The second challenge came when my husband Clare, the “Crokinut”, gave me a challenge. He is crazy about the game of crokinole, going to as many tournaments and games as he can find! Clare decided that he would like to organize a local tournament, with the help of others from the two local crokinole clubs that he attends. My challenge was to make chocolate crokinole buttons as small thank you favours for those attending, as well as a chocolate crokinole board as a prize for a “20’s shootout”. I was unable to come up with the requested chocolate board, but I did make a caramel one, as well as the chocolate buttons.

The Crokinut was thrilled, and I was hooked!  My creative juices were running by this time, and Cathy’s Creations was born!  I discovered my   passion for creating unique sweets and treats,     including custom made chocolates.” Cathy's Confections' goal is to produce unique items that are hard to find elsewhere and are what the customer wants.  This is something that a larger company cannot easily tackle, but a small, home based business can.  An example of this is putting dates in butter tarts for the Crokinut.

Last March, I was offered the chance to set up a table at the Walter’s Falls Maple Syrup Festival. I made a few unique items, as well as some that are tried and true, and decided to give it a try.

This was not my original intention, so I went back to my initial plan for awhile. Unfortunately, I found out that most people don’t pick up the phone and make that call. Mostly we have become a society that runs out to the store to pick up the most convenient pre-made item.  It’s also hard for consumers to understand that someone is willing to make their version of a particular item. My premise of people calling and putting in unique orders, was not working as planned. 
Therefore in midsummer of the past year, I decided to go out to the people again. I had a table at Wiarton’s Canada Day celebrations, which is where I first met Cindy, one of the most genuine and giving people I have ever met!  ... . And what a beautiful view we had from our booth!

 Since then, I have visited various venues and have met so many wonderful people! They have all been so helpful and supportive, and I want to thank them all. A very special thanks to Cindy for inviting me to write this guest blog.  

Cathy thank you so very much for being a Guest here this day at "North of Wiarton".  It equally has been an amazing pleasure to meet such a lovely person such as yourself who possesses such a talent that so happens to be one of my most favourite "addictions".  I am so looking forward on continuing to follow your "Chocolate & Pastry Journey".

Cathy can be found at her Website at or on Facebook by *clicking* HERE.  Should you be having a "special" upcoming event, or company dropping by? Custom Orders, as well as regular,  are always welcome by calling Cathy at 519-934-1351.

I am certain Cathy would LOVE to have you drop by to "LIKE" her Facebook Page.  I also know for a fact, she has been creating some wonderful "unique" treats that can be ordered just in time for Valentines Day gift giving for that someone "special" in your life.

I do apologize for the format of this post today, as I am pretty sure Blogger has been possessed by some unseen force.  Maybe it has not had its "Chocolate Fix" yet today ???

What are my plans for a finally Sunshiny day ?   I am sure some will include the dreaded, forever there, housework, as well as popping out to have a visit with a lady who has been unable to get out for the past couple of weeks.  Whatever the rest of my day brings on thing I am certain of is that I am happy to be here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Thank you Cindy for the wonderful chance to join your blog for a day!
    You are tireless in your goal of promoting local Bruce County businesses. All of us that fall in that category owe you a debt of appreciation! You certainly are a shining example of selflessness! The amount of traveling that you do, (all at your own expense), to hunt out new treasures, (as well as old), and then spread the word about them, is truly amazing! It makes you one of the unique treasures of Bruce County, and one very special lady!!
    Again, a huge thanks, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful sunny day!

  2. okay I need to be Cathy's new best friend as everything looks delicious and I need a sweet fix!!


  3. I wanna be her best friend, too!!!!!!! Those cheesecake tarts look like they'd be to DIE for and that crokinole board? Brilliant!

    Isn't Cindy the nicest person ever? You are so supportive of your community, Cindy, a real treasure.

  4. Captured by chocolate pastries? I surrender! ;)

  5. Pastries and Chocolate I am so in. I am heading to that site and drool more than I am now. B

  6. I will go ahead and check out Cathy's site.


  7. Cindy, thank you for the follow back to Carole's Chatter. Cheers.

  8. Everything looks to die for, Cathy! Nice to meet you.

    Cindy, Blogger's had a few issues as of late...


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