Thursday, 10 January 2013

Blanket Please ?

What has today brought for me?  really if I am to be honest it brought with it  low to no energy, bloating, fatigue, tears, pain searing through my lower back .... here I googled it, so I will let them give way to the "proper" description.

Need to read the more ?  *Click* HERE to do so, as there is lots more to read about PMS.

The next subject that usually follows suit is what is your PMS crutch of choice?

"I am not fussy at all as long as there is some type of carb, chocolate or salty item in the house.  What happens if there isn't?  Either stay out of my way or be prepared to run like "Hell in the other direction."

Woman sure don't always have the "slice of life" at times, now do they?  Then they get to the age where they might be "stuck" in-between PMS and Pre-Menopause or Menopause.  Isn't that just something to jump up and down in joy over?

Ladies give yourself all a "pat on the back" as if we ever plugged any of these "said symptoms" into a man, I am of the opinion they might be wiped off the face of this Earth.  Ha !

We are WOMAN & we are STRONG !!!

... but for today could I have a hot water bottle and a blanket please?

Today I did manage to get myself downtown Wiarton to do some banking, and stopped in to a couple businesses along the way, as well as stopping in to see one of my favourite people on the way back home.  Have I ever said before, " how much I LOVE me my friends ?"  Maybe just a few times, right?

I think way too much most some days, this I am positive about.  I would like to do a proposal to ALL  Ontario Bloggers out there (since I passed it by one of them already today, thanks for your input Cathy).  Share, share, share with a big SHOUT OUT about this !!!!  Let's get to know each other Ontario Bloggers !

Should you live in Ontario and happen to blog, please contact me via Email at , as I would LOVE to be Hostess to an Ontario Blogger Day by posting each and every one of your blog links here for a day.  Looking forward to hearing from you all !!!

Keeping good to my manners I was taught, I would love to welcome two new followers who have joined me here for my daily journal and odd opinion I might have from time to time.  Welcome Cynthia of Feeding Big and Tabitha Vos (Tabitha if you have a blog please let me know so I can come visiting).

My Rob is home from his "Crabby Cabbie" day, our Homemade Spaghetti Dinner is ready to be served up and I am looking forward to covering up sooner then later with a blanket, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh, I have a blog... ;) lol!!! Hope you're feeling better soon my friend!! TRY to take it easy & get extra rest!!! Hugs!!

  2. I am PMS-ing myself today and am a delight to be around!!! Tomorrow (Friday) is "B" day, got cancelled today!!!

    Oh and I have a blog in Ontario!!


    1. Hope you'll feel better soon Cindy!

      Ontario Blogger Day sounds like a great idea!


  3. Ha! Would they call diabetes an "excuse"? Yet, just because PMS affects women. No, I make sure my whole family worries about it. *ROFL* If men could get PMS you could probably get paid time off work to go on retreat until it was over. :p Anyhoo, the way I heard it was PMS meant "putting up with men's sh*ahem*".

    Lending long-distance support to your all-Ontario bloggers project. I get the same kind of excited when I find another blogger from Kentucky!

  4. Cindy, I am so glad that I found your blog... You are giving me a chuckle this morning..Chocolate is my best PMS friend... well it is my best friend any time of the month. I work in a small town ER and we get lots of young girls in with PMS symptoms and I always tell them this is a great excuse to eat all the chocolate that you want.
    Also wish I was originally from Ontario instead of Saskatchewan.

  5. I normally gobble salty snacks, I dunno why, during PMS.
    I agree with Virna, Craftmates is open to ON Blogger Day. Hope that one day it will turn into an actual event where everyone can meet : )
    Aimee from Craftmates

  6. I just found your blog. I'm an Ontario blogger too.

  7. Cheers to fellow Ontario Bloggers from Chris Knits in Niagara (

  8. Ontario blogger day sounds fun. I'm over in eastern Ontario like Karen.

  9. I sent you an email. I'm in Southwestern Ontario. :)

  10. I'm in Eastern Ontario...could be quite a party!
    Jane x

  11. Hi from Southwestern Ontario near the north shores of Lake Erie . Sounds like fun WOOHOO !

  12. Oh and I am way past PMS I am well and truly menopausal for 6 years now and boy can one get cravings during it , that takes the cake lol ! YUMMY!, cake , oh sorry got lost in sweets here ok later gater !

  13. I'm in Eastern Ontario and found you through Jane's blog. Thanks for hosting this introduction day. Sounds like fun.

  14. Oh I am excited about Ontario Blog Day. Hope you are feeling better chocolate does help. Eastern Ontario here. B


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