Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hello Cocoa Vanilla Wiarton

... I have heard you have had your doors open for the past few months now, and I have been missing out all this time.

Not no more !  Last night my Cousin Suzanne send me off a text, "would you like to meet for coffee tomorrow at the Cocoa Vanilla?"  Since I had been in to meet Owner, Jeff Leonard, just before Christmas saying I would be back, what a better time then today to do so.

Let me carry on with the excitement of the day, and leave the hum drum daily stuff of my life until the last, will I?  of course I will.

"Main Street Wiarton, there it is ... Cocoa Vanilla.  Inside I venture with no other then my Cousin Suzanne all settled in and comfy like already in a very inviting atmosphere."

"Suzanne had a "take out" menu in front of her that she had been perusing, with her Vanilla Cafe shortly served up to her by wonderful smiling male, who just happens to be Proprietor Jeff Leonard.  Um, Suzanne you are to go up and order your beverages, how did you manage to wangle the owner into delivering yours?  no mind as he is so nice, he even delivered my double cream coffee over to me too !  Service with a *smile*, it doesn't get much better then that now does it?"

"Not only is there lots of comfy places to seat yourself with a beverage or food item(s) of your choice from an selective menu, along with some good reading material, you will find there is also a corner spot in the Cocoa Vanilla for some entertainment in the way of blues, jazz and/or a bit of unplugged music.  Nice, very nice ... never mind how warm the decor makes you feel."

"I like the "chalkboard" style.  You also might be tempted by some homemade goodies once you have approached the counter to order, so beware of the impeding temptations upon entering."

"Cocoa Vanilla has WiFi service "free" for their customers.  Now really who would not want to go have a beverage, grab some great food and be able to read the "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" Blog?  Really anyone ?  I think NOT. "

"The Mosaic ~Arts, Entertainment & Lifestyle in Grey-Bruce, did an amazing article on the Cocoa Vanilla.  I am really excited to have found out through their article that Jeff's daughter, Victoria,  was in London's 2010 Iron Cupcake Challenge,  now the baker and chef for Cocoa Vanilla.  Being an admirer of cooking and baking myself I can not wait to meet her in person !!!  Wow !  I am excited to go back just to meet  Victoria."

I LOVE Cocoa Vanilla !!!  I am sure anyone would love it as well, and can find way more about it being a Family run business, as well as being able to peruse their menus by checking out their Website by *clicking*  HERE.

Are you a Facebook Account user? link up with Cocoa Vanilla by *clicking* HERE.  

As I said, I am very excited about returning, much sooner then later as it seems I had been so busy talking I had forgot to pay for my coffee *blush*.  I will be back Jeff !!!

Okay I don't know how I am going to follow that act with how the rest of my day went, but my "Crabby Cabbie" can ....

"Rob had to drop by someone who had taken the "Crabby Cabbie" New Year's Eve.  They had also handwritten him a "note".   It is really nice to know when you are appreciated and people realize "only the Name is Crabby"."

The "Crabby Cabbie" really appreciates all the "LIKES" he is getting from friends and customers on his Facebook page.  Should you have a Facebook Account he would LOVE your "LIKE" on his page by *clicking* HERE.

I never did get too much done around here today, except make up the one spare bedroom with fresh bedding.  I never did get my Turkey Soup made, but what I did do was ....

" ... some more decluttering !!!  YAY  "me" !!! "

Just a lil' bit, but any bit is better then no bit *smile*..

Is anyone up to a Money Challenge with me???? the first contribution is coming up the end of this week.  How Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 is this Challenge?

"... and really can it be that hard to do? the end results are amazing and just for YOU, or you and him, or her and him, or you and a friend .... the combination of possibilities are endless !"

Up for the Challenge?  leave me a comment on my Blog and/or email me at , and I will compile a list of persons who are in on this challenge with me.  I will periodically do a post, checking up on how well we are all doing on this, with a finale at Year end.  May the best women/men make it too the end !!!

Here is a little trivia to end today's post.  Did you know when Charles Schulz retired the Peanuts Gang?

Who didn't love Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang?  I can imagine no one.

A huge welcome to Tracy Boone of Life, Cupcakes and Life, who has recently started following me here for my daily journal and ramblings.  Thanks Tracy !

Things to do, "Checkerboard Aussie's" needing my attention, so here I go, once again, off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You have the best little shops where you are, Cindy!! Thanks for sharing them with us! :) Love that savings challenge! That's just soo neat! I'd love to join, but wondering with our new lower budget if i'd be able to handle it on top of our other savings (EF, Xmas, etc..) so i'm afraid i'm going to sit this one out unfortunately as our budget is pretty tight.

  2. I am in! Tomorrow is payday so I will backdate to the beginning but I think between this and my sealed pot it will be a good way to put some extra savings away.

    What a great idea!

  3. Wish I was closer to that coffee shop! *sigh* On the trivia, wasn't it right around this time of year in 2000? Then he died like the week after the final comic strip was published. It's like he knew or something.

  4. You and Carla strengthen my resolve to strictly follow my budget!
    Thanks, Aimee of Craftmates

  5. I love that coffee shop - it's so cozy!

    Like Aimee, I am strictly following my budget as well.


  6. Hope I am not biting off more than I can chew but I am in for the savings challenge. We have taken a big hit with taxes and insurance going up this year but I will do what I can as long as I can!! Thanks for including us

  7. Oh! I just saw this on Facebook this morning and thought I should do it. What a fabulous way to save up for Christmas shopping or a repair for the house or a HOLIDAY!!!! Sign me up, Cindy!

  8. I'm in too -- took a hit on the paycheck this year because of taxes, but it will be a good goal to have

  9. Would love to join! How can I go about printing the form?

    1. Karen, just right click on the form and "save as is" and it should go into your downloadable files

  10. Oh, what an awesome challenge! I feel bummed but I will probably have to sit this one out too :( I just can't commit to anything right now because with all the changes I have no idea what our income even will be. on top of taxes and health insurance our Internet price doubled too :( So now it's about staying afloat until we figure out where we are. But I will follow closely your success:)

  11. I am in Cindy. Got my 1.00 in for this week.Do we put it in every Friday? Heathen Woman

  12. this is what happens when I miss a few days visiting blogs, I miss something good!!! Count me in......


  13. So excited to find your blog - I've been longing for a Bruce Peninsula fix:) That coffee shop is right by the laundry, right? I will make a point of visiting for sure next July.


  14. Your blog is so great love hearing news from the Bruce as I was born and raised in Wiarton but now residing in Windsor ON. Love your 52 week money challenge, please count me in what a great way to save a few extra bucks.


  15. Count me in too on your 52 week money challenge. thanks.

  16. I think this is a wonderful idea. I have opened a high interest account already just waiting for money to be deposited.

  17. I am going to try this too!

    (I love to read your blog. I don't have one of my own.)


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