Monday, 21 January 2013

Here, There & Everywhere

"Here, there & everywhere"? should you have a LOVE for Snow ....

"Surprise ! there had to be at least eight more inches we woke up to this morning.  Buddy with the "I am getting buried out here" look, and Bandit with a "um... it is still there" look".  It is rather beautiful everywhere is what I had been thinking."

"It is pretty much one of those things .... either you LOVE it, or you don't.  I LOVE it to look at, but do HATE it if the visibility is bad with the roads not bare and void of ice.  Dreaming again right ? as it is Winter.  Some LOVE to look and LOVE to play."

"There is beauty everywhere with untouched virgin snow within my gaze, here, there & everywhere."

"I was very surprised when out with Missy Mercedes to see my "Crabby Cabbie" come back in the driveway when I had thought he was long gone down the road on his way to work."

Rob's driver had called to say since it was so nasty down in Southampton and Port Elgin as well, she would work today as there would probably not be too much on with the weather being very "unsettled".  Nothing lost as there is so much to be done around here at any given time.

Rob and I had ourselves a couple laughs together before we went into the house, thoroughly amused by Missy Mercedes ....

"I hear it, I know it is here, there & everywhere ... bums up !"

Ha ! really I think she hears mice underneath the snow which drives her "nuts", being ever so amusing to me.

I had "big" plans today.  Big plans that never happened.

I done up more dishes leftover from last night's Roasted Chicken Dinner, had the bed made, then folded up two loads of laundry before I had been outside with our "pack", with Rob then returning home.  Things went all topsy turvy at that point.  Any further plans I had for this day "flew right out the window", more then likely into a huge snowbank.

"One thing that was in "dire" need of being done, did get done.  Thank goodness as I thought I might never get out our driveway.  You can tell how deep it is by how high it shows up against the tractor tire."

Yes downtown Wiarton Rob took me since he had to drop off a "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle to our mechanics.  I went to retrieve him from there after I had been on the phone for the 4th different "Crabby Cabbie" business call this morning.  Oh man how does a woman get what she had planned done, when someone else has them otherwise occupied with things they want done?  I have yet to figure this one out.

"Had I mentioned it was "here, there & everywhere"?  Snow that is, lots of snow !"

"Absolute points of beauty found, here, there & everywhere."

I had needed some broccoli for the Dinner I had planned on making today, so we had to drop in at our local Foodland store.

"Broccoli was $3.49 a Bunch !!!  We needed bread, and the Dempter's Breads had been on for $2.50 a loaf.  I could not believe my eyes that at the bread display there had been a coupon for $2.00 off any "fresh" vegetable if you were to buy 2 loaves of bread.  No problem there, bringing the head of broccoli to a more reasonable $1..49.   Along with Mini Turnip and a Red Cabbage "marked down", this little shopping spree only cost us $8.47."

We did make it back home.  I first sat to have myself a coffee before I got going on preparing our Dinner.

"Ingredients all lined up and ready to go.  Lots of colour in the bowl, mixed together, then evenly spread out."

"Into the pre-heated Oven to bake until Golden Brown.  Dinner was served."

Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.  This had been the second time around I have made this recipe, with it going over very well this "round" too.

Here is a little video ... did you know .... ? 

No surprise right?  This is why I have tried to keep to ....

.... not too sure I keep to this 100%, but what I do think I do very well is "Support the Local Small Businesses" in Bruce County whenever I can do a SHOUT OUT for any I come across.

Before signing off, I am very pleased to welcome yet another new follower to "North of Wiarton" for my daily journey, along with an occasional rant or opinion I might have from time to time.  Welcome Cindy from In Cindy's Kitchen, I am so happy for you to be here.  That would be her kitchen, not mine "North of Wiarton", although with all her experience I am certain I would love having Cindy in my kitchen too.

With another day behind my, I have high hopes I might accomplish tomorrow what never got done today, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. WOW ! You have been busy today ! Lots of snow there eh? we still have none but the winds and the temps are cold it was -22 today with the wind chill and darn cold tonight as the winds are still roaring out there ! Your recipe looks YUMMY ! thanks for sharing will have to give it a try. Oh my your pooches are soo darn cute love the bums up lol ! Have a good day !

  2. This looks beautiful but I hope it's not too dangerous on the roads for your sweet Hubby right now!! You guys stay safe there! And this braid looks so yummy!!

  3. Everything looks so lovely in that blanket of snow. You must have gotten the same storm my hubby had. What could be cuter than a dog rump side up? What would we do without our 4 legged friends.

  4. If I send you our address can you ship us some of that lovely snow? 'Cause we got nuttin' down here in Kentucky. :O)

  5. you got a heck of a lot more snow than us. It's flipping cold though. I am heading over to LuAnn's to offer her some of our snow....LOL


  6. I love that local produce photo
    May I use it?

  7. Hello Cindy, Wow! That is a lot of snow. My MIL said yesterday that they were getting bad weather in her area...Newmarket.
    Your photos make it look really pretty though! lol! I know what you mean, nice to look at, but not so nice to shovel.
    I enjoyed the video and I agree. We need more local food, but then again, we may need to be willing to pay more. You would think it would be cheaper to buy local, and expensive to get your food all the way from Chile....but it is the other way around. How is that? I wish someone would make a video about that. : O)

  8. The snow is beautiful!! We only have a light dusting... I don't mind the snow, it's the cold that does me in! lol!!! The braid bread looks soooo good!!! Yummy!

  9. You certainly have a lot of snow...and brrrr cold. Keep warm.

    OK, here's my question, and you are going to have to educate me on this...I have no problem eating local, buying local, [my sister is a farmer] during the spring, and summer, fall...but what do we purchase during the winter? I can't seem to find any fresh Canadian veggies during the winter.

    Veggies at any time are not cheap, it's difficult to find good quality produce up here in the winter, we are forced to rely on Mexican, yuck, and California produce. Now that there was a frost in Arizona..our prices have gone sky high, and the quality is even worse.

    Do you have any tips for me on how to find Canadian produce during the winter months...I've checked out the local Farmers market, but their prices are so inflated that we can't really purchase as much as we would like to. It's mostly onions, beets, potatoes....root veggies.

    Any suggestions would be great.


  10. That chicken and broccoli braid really looks good! You always make me hungry with your posts : )

  11. That food looks delicious!

    And the snow and cold is a very, very good thing.


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