Tuesday, 28 April 2015

YOU Have to Go THERE !

I have had an extremely busy day .... I recently just got home & happy Rob recorded The "Voice", as tonight two more will be eliminated.

Thanks to my girlfriend, Koreen Ryan, who invited me along as her "date" to the OPEN House of a new Southampton Business, I had a wonderful time.

Yes, you have to go there !  Where you might ask? well downtown in my Hometown of Southampton (that is Ontario, not UK) to experience the Southampton Olive Oil Company.

Owners, Dave & Donna Ruddell, will introduce you to a World of Vinegar and Olive Oils you have never experienced before .....

Specializing in ultra premium extra virgin oils, fused and infused flavoured olive oils, aged dark and white balsamic vinegar condimento, and some speciality oils. They also carry other select gourmet products.

There store is a tasting room where they invite and encourage our patrons to try all of our oils and vinegars before buying them.

It is truly a taste experience!
( excerpt from visitsouthampton.ca )

My two favourites, after we had tasted many, were the Lemon and the Honey Ginger Vinegars, which I bought one of each of the small sizes.  I also bought a jar of Almond stuffed Olives imported from Spain.  Yummmmm, I do love Almonds and Olives, but together they are beyond a treat.

Hosts, Dave and Donna, are both very special individuals as in personalities and knowledge.  You can walk into the Southampton Olive Oil Company and feel like you are walking into a personal home.  The colours and atmosphere gives you the warm feeling of the old countries abroad, pulling you in with its comfort.

I can attest to the fact this Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is the "bomb" !  The one Dave made up was ohhhhh soooo good.

Yep my girl, Koreen checking out then realizing I was taking her photo I got the "P... Off" look.
I get that "look" quite frequently at times.

Koreen, and Barb (Koreen's right hand girl), and I were the last ones at the Open House.  Koreen did up Donna and Dave's custom aprons and table clothes at her store here in Wiarton, RAM Trophies & Sportswear.  Need almost anything customized? contact Koreen by *clicking* HERE.  Please don't tell her I sent you, as she might think I like her work or something like that? 

Donna happens to be great friends with my first cousin, Suzanne as well.  Small World is it not.

Anyhow I was getting around  to the point there was a draw for a basket Donna had made up for this evening.  Barb pulled the winning name, handing it to Dave, who said he was not going to say until the person had first paid for their purchases.  Ha ! it was me.

Donna photo bombed the first photo ... too much fun.  Then Koreen took a shot of Donna, Dave and I, along with the GIFT BASKET !  Thank you both so very much.

And YES, you have to go there to the Southampton Olive Oil Company, 173 High Street, downtown Southampton, as it is a true taste experience I guarantee you have never had.  You can also find Donna and Dave on Facebook by *clicking* HERE.

It was a good day out and about, now back home to watch the recording of The "Voice", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. sounds like a great night out. I know Corinne bought a friend of ours fancy vinegar and olive oil from a pop up store in Pickering as a gift for Christmas last year. It's getting very popular. I hope they do well.

  2. It sounds like you enjoyed yourselves!


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