Saturday, 4 April 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse Moon

I was totally thrilled I was up early enough to catch part of the Lunar Eclipse Moon.  I had Buddy out just after 6 am when I noticed it, put him away and was back out before 6:30 am with my camera to capture it the best I could.

I absolutely loved gazing upon its wonder.  More on it within my area I had found HERE.  Were you up early enough to catch the splendour of the eclipse?

It took me a long while to get motivated today, but I finally did manage it.  I got two large bags of "stuff" ready to go to the Sally Ann.  Lots of cleaning needs to be done, but I can only do so much at a time since it is overwhelming enough for me to manage.

After our big day yesterday Portia only got a portion of her normal playing time in today as the rest of the time she was too "pooped" out.  She looks how I felt.

I forced myself to start organizing the Crabby Cabbie bookwork, as the first quarter has to be sent in by the 15th of this Month.  I got 2 months organized and ready to be entered on the books, so it was a good beginning.

Rob had to finish off some figuring for me before I could tackle anymore at my end.  I was happy he was home to get this part done.

After the paperwork and a bit of lunch, I made myself get ready and headed out on a 3 km walk with Portia downtown.  We walked from the main street, down past the Marina, and as far as the Water Treatment Plant, then back again.  It was late afternoon when we got back home, so almost time for Dinner.

Rob came home to make us fillets of Sole, while I got the rice cooking and veggies out to be steamed. Dinner hit the spot, and as usual Rob pan-fried the fish to perfection.

This evening I hope to get to bed early.  Not certain what we are going to be doing for Easter Sunday, but I hope part of it involves a walk if the weather is good.  No dinner plans yet since it is only the two of us.

There is lots to get done around here so maybe we will make another small dent in some of it tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. Lovely captures of our celestial neighbour!

    Portia does look knackered.


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