Monday, 13 April 2015

Quite the Change

Today it was quite the change in weather.  The temps soared to 22*C, and now have dropped to 8*C with pelting rains most of the afternoon.

This morning I awoke with a headache in the left temple which progressed into a migraine aura by the time I had came back in from being out with the Aussies.  I tried going back to bed which did not help, then remember the Dr. Young, the Neurologist I had seen two weeks ago, had given me a sample of migraine meds, as I had told him the Axert did not work for me.

What Dr. Young had given me was Relpax.  I took the 40 mg (2 pills) that had been in the sample.  I am happy to say they were a success ! which made me totally happy.  I will be asking for him to prescribe them for me.

The rest of the morning was far from eventful as my body was aching from head to toe with pains shooting through my feet and hands, and muscles feeling like they were going to burst from beneath my skin.

The effects of the weather and another long day yesterday caught up with me today.

This afternoon I had to go downtown on a couple of errands, then we had to drop one of the vans off to the garage to have the Summer tires put on it.  I also went back to Josie's of Wiarton to pick up the necklace & earrings to go with my dress.

The necklace is suppose to contain no nickel, however I will wear it for a couple days to ensure I do not have an allergic reaction to it, and if so it may be returned.

This afternoon I did absolutely nothing once we returned back home.

With the day surgery on my pancreas duct coming up I did do a little online research about it.  This is what I did find:

Benign bile duct strictures are usually from injury to the bile duct during a previous laparoscopic gall bladder removal procedure. In some patients inflammation fromchronic pancreatitis can cause narrowing of the bottom of the bile duct. In selected patients we offer a surgical bypass procedure for bile duct strictures.

I found the above information HERE.  Interesting is it not?  I must be a selected patient.

I am hoping for a better day tomorrow as I am beyond behind things that need to be done, mainly cleaning my house.  Our new mattress will be delivered Wednesday so for sure our bedroom is going to get a good cleaning.

In the meantime tonight is another episode of The "Voice" which I will be watching, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hopefully it is better for you tomorrow.

    This is still the time of year when we do have to take coats out, particularly if you're out all day. Just because it's pleasant in the morning doesn't mean it'll be like that later on, and a T-shirt might be asking for trouble.

  2. Heat haze here Cindy! Very exciting. Lots of love to you. xxx

  3. Wow - migraine meds that work!! I'm making a note of that medication as I"ve never found anything that works!


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